Monday, April 16, 2018

Father-Daugher Dance Native American dancers

Father-Daughter Dance
Acrylic w/Oil glazes
Acrylic Only
 Well thinking this is pretty much done.  Again, did a acrylic pour/swipe background using the excess of paint from another project.  Since that paint had some silicone in it, I needed to clean off the silicone before I could paint on the top again.

Then did the first painting till I thought it was complete using acrylics.  Once the acrylics completely dried I sprayed with a clear coat of varnish and then let that dry completely.  Once varnish layer was dry I went back in and added in glazes and opaque swipes of oil paint.  (Figured if I didn't like it I could wipe it off, not damaging the acrylic layer below the varnish)

Why did I add oil?   I was trying to do was to utilize the best of acrylics, easy correction and fast drying, but give it the final vibrancy that only oils can give.  The oils, were water mixable, and even the liquin was water soluble, so everything cleaned up with soap and water.  Not too many bad smells either.  And, as advertised I think there is a big difference in the pictures where the oil was added.

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  1. The oil glaze really gives it such a brighter look. This is wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing it both ways so that we can see the difference.

  2. This is so beautiful Nelvia. Congratulations on a beautiful painting!!!!

  3. WOW! This is just great Nelvia and the addition of the oil really brightens it up. The mixing of the two styles makes the painting even more interesting. Good job!

  4. Love this!! Really sweet the little girl, and I love how the paint mimics a starry sky, and rock formations. Everything works well here Nelvia! Awesome!