Did I save it? Study of Prince Charming

Prince Charming
Well today's project was quite an adventure.  It turns out that I was pretty disappointed when I saw the results of the first part of the experiment.  That awful background looking thing was a combination of powdered graphite that I tried turps and OMS splatters to try to get some interesting organic looking results.   Well, as you can see I pretty much ended up with the black blobs.

 But I decided that I wasn't going to throw out this piece is bristol board and would try to see if I could salvage anything from it.   I started out going for a women in a hood and somehow I think it ended up pretty masculine - you can still see the hood off to the back of his head.  Anyway, decided I would call him "Prince Charming" with all that hair.

So while I wouldn't call this an A, I'll give myself at least a break because I finished it.  Ended up using more powdered graphite, regular graphite pencils and pulled out the black pan pastel to try to get some deeper darks to try to balance out some of the black blobs.

Thanks much for stopping by and taking a look - be sure to hold your sides while you are laughing!!  You know some days ........


  1. We're not laughing at all! Yes, give yourself a break. Look again. It's kind of really good... even if he has kind of a creepy sinister attitude... :)

  2. Well, I am not too sure about the Prince Charming title ; more Dark Prince from my perspective. A very nice save Nelvia and if you hadn't told us we would never have know. My husband plays sax and if he makes a mistake he just says 'I meant to do that' - lol.

  3. Nice save! I like how you figured out how to change it and remake it into something else. I'm not so sure about the Prince Charming part from my perspective.

  4. You saved it! I was confused reading... you said woman and I clearly saw a man. LOL :) Blobs don't bother me, it looks like you very much meant to do that. Rustic, old,. A dark cave or a perilous journey by moonlight. LOL :) Terrific work Nelvia ;)


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