Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Dragon, fairy princess, fantasy, WIP

Well here is where I am at the moment and you can see My imaginary Friend is starting to take shape.   I do think it would have been a bit better on a larger canvas but I wanted to work on paper.  Ended up however cutting down a canvas piece that I had.  I don't know but canvas scares me and I always feel like I am going to make a mistake and that mistake takes up room and hangs around a long time.  Plus canvas is pretty rough and to get details you need smoother.  Well I did the canvas hoping that if I paint on it enough I will get a feel for it.

I have to make myself not touch the little girl's face any more.  I probably have overworked it as it is, so nothing more.  Pretty much just getting in the base tones now.  I am working with so many translucent colors - who knew so many were my favorites?  Anyway, I am ending up blocking a lot of things in so that I can cut down on the guidelines which got a little dark for me.  One nice thing about acrylics I can always redraw at any point and know that it will be covered.

So right now I am at today's stopping point and going to try to take a walk, as I haven't been outside much since we have had nothing but rain.  Paul has measured 18 inches versus our normal 6-7 inches  since the year began.  Yikes, no wonder we see nothing but gray days.  But it is cold, but not windy like yesterday's 45 mph, so maybe I can tough it out and get some fresh air.

Thanks much for stopping by.


  1. Look at that fantastic sky!! Do not touch it!

  2. WOW! Love the sky, and her face is perfect. So sweet. Rock on Nelvia!

  3. This is looking pretty good Nelvia. I think kids faces have to be the hardest things to get right - they so often look too old so this is a good job. I am wondering about the dragon's tail as it seems to be coming from his leg not his rear - lol. You always pick such tough subjects and end up doing a great job - good luck!