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1st Month Anniversary

Well it's been about a month since I strated implementing steps in my art plan to grow, improve and produce consistently.  Who knew there was such a whole world of passionate folks doing what I love. I want to thank those special people who have reached and out participated in my journey:  Terri, Alexander, Renate, Viviane, Nancy, Margarite, and Mary - you are much appreciated.   Each of you have taken your time and shown interest in what I am doing, provided feedback, support and comments.  I am learning so much already from each of you and am impressed with your fearless creativity (may I get some of that) and ability to produce so many paintings in such a short time. I look forward to getting to know you all better, enjoying your art and watching you grow for a long time to come.


Size 11"x14" Media:  Pencil on paper On vacation and sitting on the porch and decided to try this portrait.  This is off and gets me back into portraits.  Took quite a few hours to build it up but am happy with the results.  Paulie likes it too!!!!

Second Challenge

Challenge:  Paint and Draw Together Media:   Arylic on Paper Size:  9"x12" Loved the drama of this piece and all the textures.  Trying to make those peaches look fuzzy and the pot ceramic.  Lela came up with quite the challenge this month.  Love the different interplay of colors.