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French Angel

                                                          French Christmas Angel                                                                        11"x14"                                                                 Acrylic/Gold Leaf Given the events of the recent days it seemed appropriate to do this French Victorian Christmas Angel.  I got crazy and stippled liquid gold leaf over a doily for the circle surrounding the angel, kind of like using a stencil (which I am going to try more stencils incorporating into more work for subtle textures).  Then the rest is done in acrylic.  Tough to get the facial features, and that is one thing I am working on, getting features with fewer strokes.  Am thinking too, all the Christmas commercials are making me think that it is coming soon and angels seem like a good thing for a card.  Thanks much for stopping by and hope you are having a great week.

Garden Angel

                                                                  Garden Angel                                                                       12"x16"                                                                       Acrylic I almost called this little guy "Chubby Cherub" as I really loved his chubby cheeks and plump little arms and the stubby little feathery wing.  He is deep in the garden and the shadows.  I did the backgrounds that I am beginning to love, with sloppy acrylic and saran wrap, I just love all the different textures you get (I also hate doing backgrounds).  Think I did a better job of controlling the where the paint went in this one.  I put on the gloves (no more green/blue hands for me, thank you) and kind of finger paint where I want the colors to be.  Of course you never know what you get until it's dry.  Aslo trying to get that blotchy stone work where the stone discolors for a variety of reasons.  There actually is a tinge of

Dream Ballerina

                                                                  Dream Ballerina                                                                        11"x14"                                                                     Color Pencil We all have people or things in our life that boss us around.  In my case it is paintings, some just demand to be done now and can't wait.  So you put the others aside and just do it so you can sleep at night.  I actually used this ballerina for Splash Ballerina and she had such a lovely pose and I wanted to try to get the translucence of her tutu.  For some reason trying to capture that see-thru look really fascinates me.    I wanted this to be a very soft piece both in image and colors.  The background is a bit of pastel and then the ballerina herself is in color pencil.  Haven't done much in pencil lately and just wanted to use it again.  There is a lot of color in this piece but again it reads relatively light from a dist

Garden Fairy

                                                                   Garden Fairy                                                                        Acrylic                                                                        18"x12" Well been in a slump where everything I touched went into the trash.  Felt like angels might be a good inspiration and found what I think is actually a little fairy.  Thought the challenge of taking an inanimate object and trying to give it personality would be fun.  I used the slop the paint on the background, cover with saran wrap technique and we were off.  Hope he or she makes you smile today. Thanks much for stopping by and have a great weekend.