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Alluring I have to admit that while I have dabbled in it, I haven't been such a huge fan of charcoal.  Know a lot of the lessons I have combine paints and charcoal, and I have approached cautiously.  I just don't like the dirty look, or the mud that you can easily get.  Heck, I don't have any problem doing that with my paints. This week we had Robert Kelley as our instructor.  This guy is a master manipulator of charcoal.  He is a master.  It was wonderful to watch his several hours worth of video and listen to his thought process. Of course I always seem to have to deviate.  I thought I was going to try to do the straight lessons this year.  But Again I have finally decided to maybe use the same reference, or not, but let "my style" try to shine through.  I am not real sure what it is, but I am trying to give it free rein.  So I decided to use charcoal, but also add some color.  We have had nothing but days and days of rain and gray skies.  Where

30 Day Creative Challenge Collage

Seems that Blogger was having some hiccups and I stopped posting here.  Then guess I got lazy and just didn't check until now if they were back in business.  But in the meanwhile, February has come and gone and ended up being busy working with Figurary and trying to stay on top of my lessons.  Great outlet with lots of wonderful, inspirational artists was posting daily with 30 Day Creative Challenge.  This challenge group was designed to replace Leslie Saeta's as she has moved on to other endeavors close to her heart.