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Well needed a change and this is a nod to my two friends who do the best watercolors and also an effort to try to get something that is loose.  Yes, I did have something to copy from as this is a pretty intricate piece, but did this on watercolor canvas and it is very different than paper as it absorbs the paint.  I am going to try to do a color pencil piece on this canvas too as I am looking for supports that I could get in a bigger size.  This doesn't appear to be as rough as some of the canvas, but boy does it eat pencils.
I posted this two way, but think I could turn it 4 ways and get 4 different pictures - no just tried it and one is clearly upside down, but get 3 different looks.  Guess that will entertain me for a bit.
Another cold, windy day so good to stay inside and work on fairies. :)
Thanks for stopping by and hope you are enjoying a great weekend.
Here she is, finally I am saying finished, oh yeah I'll still tweak around on her a bit but this is pretty much it.  Finally she says, got me a mouth so when I catch you I can chew on you a bit.  Absolutely loving the suppressed action and power and think she is successfully coming at you.  Hoping I got the dimensionality of her rounded legs, and musculature.  Yes, too, I am finally satisfied with her eyes. 
Am interested too to see if you can see the whisker work. I might have to put it on with paint, this is multiple layers of gel white ink, but when it gets framed and up it might fade out, and while you look from a distance that's fine, you should be able to see them when you get closer.
Still can't get over that peach was the key color - please let me know your thoughts on if you think it was successful or do you really see the peach popping out?
Sort of a sad moment now that she is finished as we've lived together for so long. 
Happy though that I really don…
Here is the progress on my girl for the week.  Didn't get a lot of time on her today as the real world interferes, but hoping that tomorrow I can take some breaks from the cleaning world and spend some quality time on her.  Would like at least to get the rest of the base in on her face and then it will be finishing work and whiskers.   See things I want to pump up and add more color, I am adjusting the color to have deeper color than the reference, but think she needs that spark.  Know that the African veld is straw beige and wouldn't want her to stand out too much but do want enough color to separate her from the background.  Still have the foreground grasses to put in to just settle her to the ground. 
Haven't gotten a lot of my piece laid out on my mill, am going to go downstairs and dabble on that for a bit. Thanks for stopping by and hope you are having a great weekend.