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Here is a little ACEO that was done in pen and ink and in the pointillism style.  Like how he turned out but still need to figure out how to get more delicate and areas of more gradual shading.  Guess it just means more practice.  Really love this ACEO format because it makes you work in smaller format which for me is difficult to still get the detail.  But also it doesn't require a whole lot of time to complete something either. 

Thanks for stopping by and hoping you are having a great week of painting.
Well thought I'd post this while I am sitting here patiently (not true) waiting for a certain husband get up out of the bed so I can wash my carpeting in the bedroom.  Not one of my favorite tasks, but got to be done; really never as bad as I make it in my mind and always looks so much better.
So on to more enjoyable things.  Here is the finished parrot and am pleased to how it came out as a first attempt at this type of picture.  It is pretty rough and crude in comparison to those who really do the medium and certainly can see that it will take many more hours of practice to get a more delicate touch and further develop my eye for the shading.  I do like the way the black dots add depth and shading but really like the enhancement of the colored pencil over just the stark black and white of pen/ink work to me it really makes it come alive.  This practice will lend itself well to do while watching tv or porch sitting so think I'll be able to find the time to get more of this r…
Well like any great dog it feels much better when I get my teeth, or so Buddy says.  Pretty much getting to the finishing stages now, just have more detail work to do primarily in the lower jaw and chest area and have to build in more of that signature hair on the right side.  We've been fighting and  over the weekend I was to the point that I lost him and was going to stop and start over, but persevered and he kind of popped back out again, so think he is coming together.    So will keep fiddling away, adding more darks and definition, on him and hoping to get him wrapped up.  Am always worried about the teeth but think they look pretty realistic and like the way the gums and his nose came out - kind of has that wet look without being sloppy wet if you know what I mean.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great week
Ok, if you are like me you looked at the picture I posted yesterday and it didn't seem all that different from the one posted before - well, not sure if it was the light, camera angle or operator error (no couldn't be that) but here is what I think I should have posted and actually does look like something has happened since the last time.  Still got a lot of work to do but he is coming around and have high hopes that by Sunday he will be pretty close to finished.
Ok Buddy and I are getting along better now and I have managed to get a bit more done in at the odd times this week.   Still a long ways to go but getting there.
Well here is Buddy after my weekend of adding fur - he is looking in the ugly stage that each picture seems to go through and that you just persevere through and hope it gets better.  There is a lot of base work in here now that will be reworked and refined - and guess more grey tones put in so some of the white in shadow pops a bit more as the left side of the muzzle and chest area is really white and around his eyes are mid-toned greys - so might need to darken the greys over all, just not done to the true black level.  Holding off doing the nose area as long as possible because I won't be able to contain the black so want to try to fix that area as soon after drawing as possible.   Don't think I am going to fix the gum area as I think I can get that dark enough and keep it from migrating by really working it into the paper.  This gets to the part of the picture when I wonder if I'll be able to pull it all together - guess that is part of the fun now isn't it?