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Size:  9"x12" Media:  Acrylic on paper Well this is September's Draw and Paint Together challenege and it was a challenge.  About half way through I knew I couldn't get the grain and had the shadows too dark and just didn't like what was coming.  But kept seeing the postings from the group members and how great they were and knew you don't learn anything by quitting a painting. So guts it rhough and while not exatly what I was looking for, got this one in before we leave for a week in the mountains.  Vacation and 25th wedding anniversay!!!

River's Bend

This is from Virtual Paintout Challenge, August, in Fairbanks, Alaska, on Highway 6, view off of a bridge down the river's bend.  What drew me to this was the mountain and the water together, my absolute favorites, and trying to make the gravel banks and shallow water.   Not sure I achieved this picture but it was worth the try.