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                                                                   Sizzling'                                                                    11"x14"                                                                    Acrylic For today's entertainment I decided I wanted to do another tango.  Just wanted it to be a simple fun piece trying out an idea I had earlier.  Before we moved I had the idea of burning a piece of sheet music and putting dancers on it.  Because I find the lines and drama of these Latin dances hot I thought if it looked like they created so much heat, it singed the sheet music, it could be a fun double entre.  Since it was still rather cold when I originally burnt the paper, let me tell you it really stunk up the garage, so any future paper burning has to be done outside. I kind of like the collage part of this as well and am toying with the idea of doing more collage work.   I wanted to get the additional wrinkles and think it helps to add

Inquisitive pastel seal under water

                                                                     Inquisitive                                                                        9"x12"                                                                        Pastel Not sure but think this might be Penguin day.  No, this isn't a penguin, couldn't get motivated to do one or anything else.  Not ready to tackle my next project and was just casting about looking for something I could do. So  made up a quick pastel support using watercolor paper and acrylic inks.  Then once that dried I applied a layer of clear gesso.  For whatever reason clear gesso has a grit to it and it makes it perfect to hold several layers of pastel and makes for a very economical sanded support.  I really liked getting some pastels out of the box that I don't usually work with.  And, think it gives a very under-the-sea appearance.    I am still into color because it is so gray here - no rain today but never have see

Rainbow Pug

                                                                    Rainbow Pug                                                                        16"x12"                                                                Acrylic/Marker/Oil Rainbow Pug is completed now and I was hoping that I would have figured out a technique to do the larger picture I still have on my board.  This experiment morphed a bit as I did it and I have ideas on how to do the next one but well, just not sure.  So guess I will start it and just hang on and see what happens. You can really tell the difference between the media in this picture.  The oil on the background hasn't even begun to dry yet, and some of the unevenness should go away once it is dry enough to varnish. Thanks much for stopping by.

Tangled acrylic pour

                                                                        Tangled                                                                     Acrylic pour                                                                          8"x10" Well today's picture has a story behind it.  This is one of my Sunday pour experiments, no swipes, just layering the paint in a cup and then slowly pouring and letting paint flow and mingle with a bit of guidance to getting all the canvas covered. Well I had  really nice delicate feel going with the painting.  Left it to sit overnight in the garage to start the dry-off process.  Thought it had set up enough to take a picture and brought it into the art room and set it on the easel.   Looked over a bit later and saw the paint had shifted and was moving down the canvas.  Gravity at work.  Ended up with blobs of paint on the rug and that pic I worked so carefully on was gone, gone, gone.  So back to the garage and it was still wet

Father-Daugher Dance Native American dancers

Father-Daughter Dance Acrylic w/Oil glazes 16"x20" Acrylic Only  Well thinking this is pretty much done.  Again, did a acrylic pour/swipe background using the excess of paint from another project.  Since that paint had some silicone in it, I needed to clean off the silicone before I could paint on the top again. Then did the first painting till I thought it was complete using acrylics.  Once the acrylics completely dried I sprayed with a clear coat of varnish and then let that dry completely.  Once varnish layer was dry I went back in and added in glazes and opaque swipes of oil paint.  (Figured if I didn't like it I could wipe it off, not damaging the acrylic layer below the varnish) Why did I add oil?   I was trying to do was to utilize the best of acrylics, easy correction and fast drying, but give it the final vibrancy that only oils can give.  The oils, were water mixable, and even the liquin was water soluble, so everything cleaned up with soap and water

Shot Thru with Turquoise

Well, not a lot to show for last week as I finally gave up and gessoed over it on Sunday.  Just wasn't coming together.  Battled the sky, battled the face, just generally battled. So to do something fun I finally tried doing a pour and swipe.  This is a 6"x6" canvas so you can pretty much turn this any way you would like to get the most interesting look.    I started out trying to control it and find that it is impossible, especially when you have a lot of paint.  So it ended up being several pours and swipes before I left it at this point.  I need to get some bottles, like the old squeeze bottles you used for ketchup and mustard, with the pointy spout so I can put out less paint.  Since I added Floetrol and then more water I might have gotten it too thin as well.  Not sure what I am going to do with this now, may just pour over it again and might try to paint something on it - who knows!! that is the fun of these projects.  Thanks for stopping by.