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Male acrylic portrait

This is my attempt at last weeks lesson by Sabra Awlad Issa.   And wow, what a powerful lesson it was.  While I wasn't able to totally go abstract and loose I think I really captured the essence of there person.  I am not sure whether it is the reference, or the techniques (some of which I was able to use), but in the end I think it comes off as a very solid strong presence.  I saw that as well in the other student pictures.   I don't feel so bad as really no one was able to pull off what the teacher did. I have to realize that I am going to pick up and utilize what I can and flow it into how I paint.  I will try again I am sure to come up with something more abstract, but for now, this is the best I can do.   What's different in this is that it started with an underpainting.   Oh, I know about underpainting, but I don't always start with it.   Well, I should.   While it is pretty ugly and loose it does get mid tones, darks and lights down and sets the subs

Femme Fatale acrylic woman portrait

Femme Fatale Well, things don't always go exactly as planned.  This was supposed to be a mixed media piece, but ....  it almost turned into a fatal piece gone so wrong - could I save her?   You be the judge. When I first saw this reference it made me think because the girl was wearing the veil - she was the perfect Russian, of course, spy from the 1940-1950s.  She was definitely going to have a glamorous mysterious look. So I painted her carefully and then boldly decided to put on some of the handmade collage paper I made especially to emulate the veil.  Well, once I started applying it definitely was too dark and you really couldn't see all the facial work beneath it.   Usually the tissue melts into transparency, different than what I usually use and boy it didn't melt away - but really was opaque.   So now I had to figure out how in the heck could I pull it off and could I repair the damage done to the paint surface, paint over the gloss medium I had used,

Castaway oil/cold wax experiment

Castaway Preliminary sketch Well this is my first result with the oil/cold wax technique.  I haven't painted that much in oils and while it is similar it is definitely different.   It is like painting with butter and does made the oil quite a bit more opaque.  This technique is from my online lessons, I had heard about cold wax, thought about it, but hadn't done anything about it.  So this pushed me to go there.   I have heard this described as somewhere between encaustic and oil painting. Let's talk first about the title - why Castaway.  I watch So You Think You Can dance most seasons.  I am fascinated at how coordinated, lithe and flexible these people are.   However, it makes me think of Broadway, live theatrical, music or singing performances to note just how many talented people there are in this world.  But, unfortunately most of them don't ever get discovered.  When I watch the dance show it also makes me think of athletes and how fleeting their s

The Fire Inside mixed media portrait

The Fire Inside Meet Grace, she is the granddaughter of a photographer friend from PMP-Art, Sandie Bell.   Sandie is a wonderful photographer and has share so many photos, of her dogs and her grandchildren.  We have gotten to watch Grace grow up and she is maturing into a beautiful young woman. Wanted to try my color patch technique again and as always have to change things up.   Actually I started this using acrylic paints.   However, this palette was really, really subdued.   I just couldn't get the color to lighten up.   So decided to try an experiment.   I hear your groans!!!    Anyway, slapped on some clear gesso and decided I would switch to pastels and see how the technique worked with that.   So, I think what I came up with here is still lots of color, but not as bold, more subdued but still full of energy and vibrancy. Thanks much for stopping by and taking a look.

Littlest Brush acrylic child's portrait

Littlest Brush Just had a friend tell me I was working too hard, too much and was supposed to be retired.   Got to say she has a point.   I have taken on several large yard projects (topdressing the yard, putting 12 steps up my berm and then killing all the weed/brushes crap that the builder's land clearing has put in my yard).   If you are asking am I little bit controlling yes, that is why I am doing it rather than hiring someone else - paying a lot and not really getting what and how I want it. So, moral of that long paragraph is I haven't been in the art room until today, recuperation day, and I have been utterly art starved.  I really feel the difference in my stress levels - I just haven't gotten my release. The Art Sherpa has a term for the children who paint her tutorial - Little Brushes - I thought that was so cute.   When I saw this picture and this child so full of life, color, energy - I knew I just had to paint her.   This  is one of my clean the pal