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Favorite painting

Yep, still here and still in the process.  I am ahead of schedule and so am just twiddling my thumbs a bit while I wait for the big "M" day.  So many things to do but have to wait until it's empty so I only have to end up and clean it once.  Whew. This was a painting I did back in the 90's and this is probably close to one of my all time favorites.  I loved this little girl and her pensive look.  Plus all the jewelry was something of a challenge that I just had to try.   I look at the clouds now, and well, just roll my eyes at them.  But guess that is all part of the learning process. While we have been in the decluttering/packing process I have spent so much time just going through things and keeping some memories and chucking out others.  So I have found cartoons for paintings that I did almost 25 years ago - wow - talk about a pack rat.  Well, I am a Sagittarius, with the Chinese symbol, a rat.  I once saw a book that broke it down father and I am a warehou

Another painting from the early days

Well, if I can't paint I can show you what I am moving.  Still up to my eyeballs in decluttering, painting walls/woodwork and shuttling what I can to the new location.  Since most of my pictures are pastel I am moving them myself.   Then I  have no one to blame if the glass/acrylic gets dusted.  This is one of my favorites and think it was done around 1995 or 1996.  Again, guess these pictures will be appropriate in the  house since we are living in Cherokee County.  One of my ideas is to study up once we get there about the Trail of Tears and maybe try to do some additional paintings.  

Missing Everyone

My First Pastel back in 1992 Just checking in, yes, I am still here, but up to my ears in boxes,  junk, good stuff etc.  Got most of my art stuff between two places or in boxes and right now am not really sure how I will ever get it all together again.  Probably be just like Christmas when I unpack and am hoping that will get me in the creative spirit again.  I must admit however, that I am pretty creative with the tape and boxes now!! I must tell you my biggest collector of my artwork is the garage collector.  Boy guys, both recycle and garbage guys are glad they have the mechanical lifts or they would definitely have hernias.  The folks at the local Goodwill know me by sight.   It seems I  haven't even made a dent!!  Well some days I think I am doing good and then others I feel like it will never end.  Only good thing is that I now have "incentive" to chunk or donate it.   Well the other good thing is that I have a lot less "stuff" than I used to, but

New Year New Directions

Happy New Year - Great Expectations for 2018 If you are reading this page you have touched my life some how and some where.  So, I count myself very lucky!!  Your support has meant so much to me, every view, comment and like is important and helps speed me on my art journey. For a bit of time I am going have a different direction and big time energy drain.  Lots to settle, get rid of and things (ummm, where the heck did it all come from?) to look forward to yet another new chapter. Tried my hand at architectural rendering, don't think I should give up my day job.   But I hope this is close enough that it serves as a friendly reminder to the original owners of the time they spend here. But, Joan, I keep saying how much your daily sketching inspires me and hope to be soon in a position where I can try to incorporate that into my life more as me and my sketch book explore and find new interesting things.  Got to get reading in Sketching - from square one to Trafalgar Squar