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Missing Everyone

My First Pastel back in 1992

Just checking in, yes, I am still here, but up to my ears in boxes,  junk, good stuff etc.  Got most of my art stuff between two places or in boxes and right now am not really sure how I will ever get it all together again.  Probably be just like Christmas when I unpack and am hoping that will get me in the creative spirit again.  I must admit however, that I am pretty creative with the tape and boxes now!!

I must tell you my biggest collector of my artwork is the garage collector.  Boy guys, both recycle and garbage guys are glad they have the mechanical lifts or they would definitely have hernias.  The folks at the local Goodwill know me by sight.   It seems I  haven't even made a dent!!  Well some days I think I am doing good and then others I feel like it will never end.  Only good thing is that I now have "incentive" to chunk or donate it.   Well the other good thing is that I have a lot less "stuff" than I used to, but ...

Going through stuff you kind of get nostalgic, so thought I'd share the first pastel I ever did.  I attended a local 4 or 6 week art class on a Saturday morning, mainly for adults, at an elementary school.  The guy running the class pretty much just had us all come in and work in any media and draw something from a reference picture.  He'd walk around and talk a little but, mainly just giving us all support.  I remember there was a young guy in there, only child in the class, and did he ever have talent.  Yep, I'll admit it I sure was jealous.  Well, I have been drawing Native Americans ever since and really love the sharp facial structure that so many have.

Thanks for stopping by and I will try to get to everyone's site pretty soon as I miss seeing all the great things you are doing.


  1. This is awesome. Good luck with the organizing. So many people are doing this, or have recently. Hard work, but you will feel great when you are done :)

  2. I don't know how you have the time to post with all that is going on in your life! This is a lovely painting. I have had classes with teachers like that and didn't feel I learned a damn thing - guess you are quicker on the up-take than I am - lol. Take it easy and enjoy!

  3. How fun to see something from way back from you. I agree with Val, when I've taken classes like that I pretty much felt it was a waste of time. Glad you found something that caught your attention and held on. Sounds like you're making some progress sorting through your stuff.

  4. You definitely already had 'it' right from the beginning, lovely portrait with great work on the eyes.

  5. I can't believe this was your first pastel! It's amazing!


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