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Well we are having our first winterish day - dull overcast and just keeps getting colder.  Big storm on east coast and lots of folks will lose power and get plenty of rain and snow.
Have been pretty busy this weekend so didn't get a chance to do a lot on my lady.  I am pretty pleased though as I thnk I got the round 3-D shape on her hat and it kind of shines like the gourd that I think it is.  Got her neck and chest in and am going to put a couple rows of bead work.  Gave myself a scare as I was messing with the nose and lost it, but think I have it back again, made it broader which I think is more representative of what reference shows. Just love her hat - not that I would wear it, but on her looks spectacular.
I just don't know what to do about a background - I think it needs something to complete it but just not sure what and how much.  I was thinking blues and purples but don't have those colors elsewhere, not sure if I should pick up the browns and terracottas for th…
First off want to thank Patrick Hedges for this wonderful reference picture - he got the most amazing lighting.  Well this elegant and stylish Zambian  lady has demanded she get painted, and has just talked to me and literally popped out of the paper almost fully rendered in just a couple of hours.  Took a 3 mile run and a small cleaning break and then had to have another go at completing the right side of her face.  Before I stop for the day, porch and wine time, I had to put in all the flesh tones roughly on her neck as I fear I wouldn't be able to duplicate them going forward after a couple of hours, so now only need to go in and accent the hollows.  Yes, I cheated and already put in the dot detail, but that is one of the compelling accents to her and one of the reasons I had to paint her.  I am surprised because as you know I am a pretty slow painter and on this painting I was really cranked up to paint, paint in pastel and am trying hard not to overwork, but just put in the …
Well have felt like an artistic slug the last couple of weeks.  Did FINALLY get my retaining wall and walkway completed yesterday - set the last 9 pavers (total of 802 pounds of concrete stone/pavers that I lifted 2-3 times)  I am calling it done until the Spring when I need to kill the "kind of" grass and plant new bushes and put out pine straw - then Renate hope my "sweet" little rabbit whom I love dearly - NOT - won't decide he now likes boxwood bushes, this morning out of the blue he cropped off all my chrysanthemum blooms that have been out there for several weeks.
Anyway, since I have been in art denial I wanted to do something that I could get down fast and wanted to work in pastel.  I saw this beautiful striking lady, this picture has the best lighting effects, found as a reference piece in wet canvas's library.  The lighting gave such beautiful skin tones from the purple base to almost rosy terracotta highlights - I find that true Africans have th…
ok here is my retaining wall project, not exactly my idea of a work of art, but  certainly has been a challenge for this sweet little old lady.  Some 70 stones down the road now the end is in sight, another 15 and then 25' of pavers and until Spring I can call this completed.  Only challenge is to find something the @&$-',, rabbit won't eat.  Sorry Renate, I meant "sweet little" rabbit ...... NOT!!!
Renate was kind enough to give this and I think it is pretty special to be thought of by her.  I am not sure I am doing correctly but believe I need to answer some questions and. Then pass on to some other people who are special as well and hope that you go visit their sites.
1.  Can you find moments of serenity every day?
Yes, usually when I am painting or thinking art and painting I go somewhere else and come back quite refreshed.
2.  What is on my nightstand
Pretty basic, a clock/radio, my iPod, lamp and pad for writing something I want to remember when I think of it in the night
3.  Do you sing in the shower
Mercifully no, I do sing along with the music when I run (only in my head though) but maybe dear Renate if I too had a parrot that would change
4.  Have you ever dressed up?
We have Halloween and at work over the years I have dressed but being pretty traditional I went as an artist complete with my French beret and palette and brushes
5.  What makes me smile?
My husband, chil…
Been another busy day as I was working on my retaining wall.  Several years ago I put in steps on the side of the house which really slants down and it started to erode, so now have to do it right and build a brick retaining wall.  Well certainly got my arm exercises in lifting those 11 pound stones, got about a quarter done, so much more to go there but think it will be worth it when completed.
Well have been dabbling this week and here is Abby pretty much finished.  Still will probably darken the background and play with the right side of her hair but am pretty much happy with the result since a while ago I was ready to stop and start over.  Still am happier with the left side of the face and think I need to try to do chubbier cheeks on the right hand side.  I might post this on wetcanvas and see if they will do a critique for me, will have to bandage my pride and ego but bet I will sure learn something and hopefully improve.   Maybe after listening to their suggestions I'll tr…
Since it is cooling off here I am thinking about winter and doing things I can't do in the summer and weaving is one of those things (I use a lap loom and it is quite hot - great for sitting by the fireplace though) 
Several years ago we were at the Folk Art Center for Fiber Day.  One of the weavers, Sandy Adair, kindly showed me how to build a lap loom and gave me some basic equipment instruction and, reading a couple of books later, I was off and running.   I designed this piece (of course only read the basics and didn't do any practice on the simple designs) but jumped right in and changed thread colors like I knew what I was doing - isn't ignorance bliss??
Just so you know what I think you are looking at.... you are standing on a mountain ledge looking at the sun rise over the valley below, and congratulations if you came close and guessed any of that.  The funny things in the foreground?? well, I was trying to get the different rock planes - and yes if you want to b…