Been another busy day as I was working on my retaining wall.  Several years ago I put in steps on the side of the house which really slants down and it started to erode, so now have to do it right and build a brick retaining wall.  Well certainly got my arm exercises in lifting those 11 pound stones, got about a quarter done, so much more to go there but think it will be worth it when completed.
Well have been dabbling this week and here is Abby pretty much finished.  Still will probably darken the background and play with the right side of her hair but am pretty much happy with the result since a while ago I was ready to stop and start over.  Still am happier with the left side of the face and think I need to try to do chubbier cheeks on the right hand side.  I might post this on wetcanvas and see if they will do a critique for me, will have to bandage my pride and ego but bet I will sure learn something and hopefully improve.   Maybe after listening to their suggestions I'll try to incorporate and then show her Dad to get his reaction.
My next step for her is to try to do her in color, boy I just love those baby blues as they sure speak to me - Rita and Renate, can you send me some watercolor vibes as you guys are so good.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great week painting.


  1. How much work of all genres,dear Nelvia!

    I try to send the vibrations you want!
    Be prepared to receive it!
    The portraits looks beautiful.
    You have made great slight changes to the photo for emphasized the eyes!
    It seems to me a very very nice work!
    But I know from experience that .... who do the work of art is never happy with what he does!
    Maybe it's a good thing, but it is often (I speak for myself) a way to get confused about the reality of work!
    Have nice (busy...)week!!!

  2. oh this is gorgeous Nelvia,what a beautiful portrait:)

  3. Dear Nelvia:)Always working or traveling. Please be carefull with the back. About Abby: I love your portrait Nelvia. The expression she has on the photo is the same as you made. What a beautiful little missy she is!! I can't wait to see her in colors. You did a very great job on this one Nelvia!! Love to look at it. Take care xxx

  4. Hermoso retrato de una modelo muy bella

  5. Well, the child is beautiful. And your work is stunning. I'm always so impressed that you show your in-progress work. I guess I'm not brave enough to show it while it's unfinished.


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