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All right, here is the finished pups.  Thanks to Gary Greene for this exercise with working in watercolor pencils.  Very light blending with the brush still leaves the pencil lines but softens a bit.  Jury is out on this technique but glad I tried it and will try it again but on the mat board as the support might make a big difference in final result, maybe make it a bit softer.  Will continue to try to come up with the right fur technique.  Learned form this project and am sure I will apply something from it to the next dog and yes there will be one as I'm hooked.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great paining week.
Here is the updated version of the sleeping pups.  You can see on the bottom one I am building the underlying fur base colors and getting the various wrinkles and shapes in place.  Really different to get exspressions without the eyes open.  Liking the way this is progressing. Hoping that this will be finished tomorrow.
Ok taking a bit of the holiday with this light hearted picture of pups sleeping before I get into a serious painting of interpreting my friend's poem. 
This is an exercise out of Gary Greene's book and is a different colored pencil technique than I've done before.  This is using water color pencils, supposed to be on mat board but didn't want to do that large of a picture, so this is on my go-to 9"x12" watercolor board - secret here is to do the blending but don't use much water and that is difficult because even the board wants to buckle a bit. 
Still working on my hair techniques and have a long way to go to  make it hair but not look like a stroke.  Also see now that I want to put some indigo into the background behind the head to make it stand out a bit more - different color schemes. 
Have a couple more pieces running around in my head so hard to focus and get something on paper.  Wanted to try this, one of those thought I'd get it done quick…
Title:  Bear
Media:  Graphite/Colored Pencil on Bristol Board
Size:  9"x12"

Well I knew Bear was laughing and now have found out the reason, "he" is really a "she".  I am still going to fuss on her a while, but want to be really sure I don't do or undo something so it will only be very minor touches, like I already see I need to make the top of her right ear a bit darker.  Actually the more I look at it I think I'll have to do a bit more work on the shape of that ear. She taught me a good lesson in handling shorter wiry coarser fur texture and I kind of came up with a new technique that I think is repeatable.  But pretty much for now am calling her completed and it's on to the next picture itching to get down on paper.

I have two ideas for my friend's poetry and want to get them roughed out and will let her decide which one she finds the most suitable.  And then I have a couple of long-haired labs that I get to play with, so furriness wil…