Title:  Bear
Media:  Graphite/Colored Pencil on Bristol Board
Size:  9"x12"

Well I knew Bear was laughing and now have found out the reason, "he" is really a "she".  I am still going to fuss on her a while, but want to be really sure I don't do or undo something so it will only be very minor touches, like I already see I need to make the top of her right ear a bit darker.  Actually the more I look at it I think I'll have to do a bit more work on the shape of that ear. She taught me a good lesson in handling shorter wiry coarser fur texture and I kind of came up with a new technique that I think is repeatable.  But pretty much for now am calling her completed and it's on to the next picture itching to get down on paper.

I have two ideas for my friend's poetry and want to get them roughed out and will let her decide which one she finds the most suitable.  And then I have a couple of long-haired labs that I get to play with, so furriness will continue to be in my future.

Hope you have enjoyed watching her develop as much as I have and have a great painting week to you all.


  1. Dear Nelvia:) I can't come up with a new compliment. You have had them all already:) Bear has come out beautifully. You didn't forget one higlight of his fur! You are now officaly called an expert by me:) (for what it's worth). I love your paintings. Keep going!!!

  2. As always you humble me, thank you always for your support and friendship. Ah, besides your hummingbird saw two others at our feeder. They didn't have such a great looking leg though, you wild and crazy girl!!! :) :)

  3. looks nearly like our dog. :) wonderfully made.

  4. looks like our own dog. wonderfully done

  5. Hello Nelvia!Nice meet you on Renate blog!I like your dog!Un saluto dall'italia,Rita Vaselli.

  6. Rita, thank you for leaving a comment, and yes, isn't our girl great!!


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