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Ok everyone has been so busy doing great pictures you are making me feel like a dud.  Still in the yard working again today to close the garden down (think I logged five hours between yesterday and today) so being as I am old it tires me out, so no energy to create today.
I have started working through the art classes on wet canvas, started with #1, the basics and boy is it harder than you think and quite the humbling experience too.  But think I will have better drawing skills once I've completed them and already learning many tips.   Just in the drawing and sketching section there are 33 beginner lessons and another  19 intermediate.  Their library is awesome and best thing is it's FREE - just your time and practice, practice, practice.
A couple of weeks ago Rita did inspire me (thank you, Rita) about getting organized in the art space.  I have had this idea about hanging my coffee cans (or oatmeal, whatever :)) so that I could get my pencils off of my workspace but still h…
Well going out to work with the ladder on cutting back my pine tree, so thought I better post while I had all limbs in working order. 
This is what I've gotten done this week on Abby and am not really happy about it at this point.  Lost my momentum after being out of pocket for two weeks.  I have put in the base on the right side of the face, and need to do more detail and mid-tone work, will continue on through tomorrow but she might get scrapped and I might start her again.  Goal was to do a graphite realistic portrait prelim and then try to do her in color, so might just go to that route and move on to color.  Will have to see, but am concerned if I don't resolve it here I will just carry the issue forward.
Was trying to just blend in my usual method and then got going in circularism and erasing, and now I feel she is somewhat overworked as I went dark and light probably too many times. 
Good practice on her blonde hair - started with the left background and will definit…
Well here is an update on Abby.  I have been really busy and know that over the next two weeks I won't get much done on either of my current projects, the tiger or Abby.  Am still not real happy with how I depicted the fine hairs that are on her forehead.  Don't want to darken her skin tone as I tried that and didn't like it, and don't like when I just outline the blonder hairs.  So maybe this will be one of those subconscious things and I will think of a way when I'm not trying to think about it.

Hope everyone is having a good painting time and thanks for stopping by.

Well here it is the end of a long weekend, not sure I am ready for it to end,but what can you do, got to eat, so got to work.  After 3 days and 4,000 video tutorials I finally got a watermark on my paper, but I still am not doing it correctly, having issues as they say.  I guess it must boil down to being a different edition or it doesn't really like Vista because I can't easily save to my picture program and I don't get the same text boxes all the other folks get, got it once, but don't know how I got it. First time I uploaded the image it pulled up only pulled half the tiger, got no clue as to why that happened, but I did it and it's there (for now) Don't laugh!!!  I am going to keep on keeping on and will get the better of this GIMP yet, actually each video says it a bit differently so maybe if I hear it enough different ways I'll get the hang of it.  At least I am learning the tools :) My tiger is coming along, worked on his back and had to get the ea…
I also am not getting very far with my Gimp, I sort of have a watermark but not right and completely transparent, then I can't save it in anything but Gimp file format which the rest of my computer doesn't read and I couldn't upload into this file.  So I still have a lot of work there, but will press on, have seen at least thousands of YouTube videos and still dumb as a post.  Duh!! Morning all, getting ready for my run and thought I'd post what I have done which appears to be very little, but took a heck of a lot of time.  Busy work week so not a lot of art time.  Been working on the snout and it has taken quite a bit of time.  Not sure if this made a difference but worked on a soft spongy surface for these short strokes so the pencil couldn't stay on the surface long but bounced up.  Now that I am moving to longer hair again I'll go back to a harder surface.  Not sure there is anything to that but I thought there was and I need all the help I can get to try …