Well here is an update on Abby.  I have been really busy and know that over the next two weeks I won't get much done on either of my current projects, the tiger or Abby.  Am still not real happy with how I depicted the fine hairs that are on her forehead.  Don't want to darken her skin tone as I tried that and didn't like it, and don't like when I just outline the blonder hairs.  So maybe this will be one of those subconscious things and I will think of a way when I'm not trying to think about it.

Hope everyone is having a good painting time and thanks for stopping by.


  1. So delicate, this girl's face,that appears on my screen!
    Adorable,as the ribbon that you put
    on her hair!
    Good start to the week, dear Nelvia!

  2. Dear Nelvia:) Yeah, I know, I'm so late with everything. The nurse of my hubby, you know..
    But.. I already fall in love with Abby. Wow what a strong, ferm look she has. Wow so beautiful. Not an angelface as you mostly see. But a little girl who knows what she wants! You did it again Nelvia. I don't see a problem with the hairs on the forehead, but you are the artist!:)
    Take it easy and I'm looking foreward to the next update:) Big hug xx

  3. Looking great so far, will come back:D


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