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End of 30 Paintings in 30 Days

Well, it is finally Day 30 and it is with mixed emotions that it has come. Didn't get to post yesterday as we had a snow event which created quite a crisis with stranded people on the highway, been way cold, 10 right now, and then had to deal with a computer virus. So am posting the last two days together.  I also wanted to put a few of my finished pieces out so I could get some feedback. Lyrae was a present for my friend, they lost her about a year ago and the last picture of the toucan is the final drawing for the daily challenge. So what have I accomplished in 30 days - went back to read my posts to see if I met the original expectations, found I did and then some: 1) First off anyone who works at art full time has such a tremendous commitment. It is both mentally and physically challenging and just hard work 2) I am actually painting faster and completing things - that should continue to carry through and improve my plodder mentality where I work on a painting soooo long…
Pastel on Stonehenge

Week 4 30 paintings in 30 days Challenge
                        Spirit of Africa - Elephants - Acrylic/India Ink
                     Spirit of Africa - Elephant Morn - Acrylic/India Ink
                      Spirit of Africa - Orangutan - Acrylic/India Ink
                                 Izabella - Graphite/color Pencil
                                            Submerged - Pastel
                                Leopard - Colored Pencil/Pastel
                                               Cherub -  Pastel
Here are this week's challenge pieces.  Only 4 more days and I am ready to step back, still paint each day but without the pressure of trying to finish something.  As you can see this week I took advantage of additional traffic to get some feedback on some previously finished pieces. 

When I saw this little boy, first thought was this there was such a thing as cherubs, he was one.  He was was shyly standing with his grandmother…


Graphite/Color Pencil
Collection of James and Nancy Fleming
Meet Izabella, a beautiful 8 year old black lab.  I had been asked to donate a pet portrait to a silent auction Blessings of Grace Foundation by my friend's daughter.  One of my dear friends is now a grandmother to two twin boys due to this foundation and their financial support and expertise.  Although the action was 7-8 months ago, this request to finally do the portrait came up while I have been doing my 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.  I guess working so much for the last 24 days has really helped as I was able to get her on paper in record time and am pleased with her sweet expression and best yet, I didn't get all pressured.

Week 3 Collage 30 in 30 Challenges

Deco item - Pastel Egret - Acrylic on canvas Wild Flower Girl - Color Pencil The Red Bridge - Acrylic on Paper Sea Turtle - Ink/Color Pencil on paper Spanish Onion - Pastel Here is the collage of my week 3 work on Leslie Saeta's 30 paintings in 30 days. We are at Day 19 today and it is looking much more doable, only two weeks left, and I feel like I have found a rhythm. Right now it seems like the end is coming fast.  

So far feels like this has successfully met my goals of: 1) produced more works from life, 2) have painted some things that were on my wish list to paint from my reference photos, 3) have gotten some exposure on previously produced works, and 4) met some very talented artists.

While my husband now feels I don't do anything else but stay in the art space (not sure what that means - I have been behaving maybe?) I feel good about the effort that has gone into this challenge. I have created the good, the bad and the ugly.  Walked away from some failures and co…

30 in 30 Challenge Week 2

30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge Rosate Spoonbill - Color pencil Winter berries - Acrylic Odd Man Out #2 - Pastel Giraffe - Color pencil Odd Man Out #4 - Pastel Spirit of Africa - Lion - Acrylic/India Ink Zambian Woman - Pastel Here is the collage of paintings that I did for the week 2 of Leslie Saeta's 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.  I am not sure why, but it seemed to be a bit easier this week.  Guess it was a bit more planning in advance of the painting day that helped to get it through.  It has been still an emotional roller coaster of feeling good when a painting comes together to being down when you think it's not, although finding that desperation definitely helps get something you like.  So much to learn from all the other artists who are making it look easy and are doing such wonderful paintings.  Nice way to gauge, however, where you are in comparison to lots of others and what types of themes they are picking and how they are achieving getting there. Getting …

30 Paintings in 30 Days - Leslie Saeta Challenge

As part of my preparing my 2014 goals I have been listening to podcasts by Leslie Saeta at Artists Helping Artists on the Artists Network.  Anyone interested in getting more blog followers or marketing your artwork, she is your girl.  So much FREE wonderful information in the podcasts and on her website.  It always amazes me how much information other artists are willing to share, it surely would shorten a learning curve.  Check her out on her blog.
She has previously done various 30 day painting and marketing challenges and talked about how much fun, hard work, the sense of accomplishment and both other artist and potential customer feedback she and other participants have gotten - as well as sales.  Two days ago she had 5,000 hits on her site, and that was just Day 2.
So I got all stoked, committed up and decided to enter a 30 day challenge of a painting a day for January. What the heck was I thinking???????
While it sounded good in theory I am…

Odd Man Out

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!    Yes it is time for those New Year resolutions that we ponder over but seldom keep all year.
Paul has noticed that some of his vegetables and fruit have gone missing over the last 2 days.  Good reason for that as one of my art goals for 2014 is to do more drawing from life.  So am going to try to do at least one study each day with pastel and from life.  These are in groups of three and so got the title of Odd Man Out.   Another goal is I also want to get back to working with pastel and try a new style, to get away from lots of blending and see if I can work a bit looser.  One of the end of year 2013 goals was to reconfigure my pastels and sort them by value so as I work these pictures I am learning a new system as well.  Harley Brown states you can use any color and it will work if you are in the correct value.  So fuchsia bananas might be in our future!!!!  
As always the sketch book is our friend and looks like I will be fixing my pastels as well as putting …