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Well since I have been occupied and not really started anything new.  Thought about what I want to do next and will try to get something before it's time to go to work again. So thought I'd post these pics I found as I was once again cleaning and organizing my art room.  Forgot I did these, many years ago.  So surprising to me colored pencils have been in my checkered past.  I loved the first little girl and always wanted to do her again.  Not fond of her facial features and would like to refine them a bit and add a puppy nipping at the lowest teddy bear.  And absolutely loved the idea of the plaids in the little garden girl.  Nice to always look back to what you did and see where you are and for a little while feel good about the progress you think you made. Rain, Rain, Rain, we are in flood watches now and have about three more days of rain to go.  So no outside work today, did sneak in a walk with umbrella and wind sort of blew me along with the umbrella as my sail.