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Ol Blue Eyes

                                                                      Ol Blue Eyes                                                                         12"x12"                                                               Graphite/White Chalk You know  when you have a Monday on a Tuesday you have to be a bit irreverent.  So here is an ostrich with attitude.   This is a combination of pics I just took at the Birmingham zoo, for some reason they put the ostriches with the giraffes, and this one was a character who comes right up in your face to say Howdy do", and a reference from Sandy Scott, an excellent Florida wildlife photographer who usually captures the best birds on PMP.  I know they really don't have blue eyes, but they can't be blondes (can they Starr), so this is the next best thing.  Just had a little fun, got out the pencils again as I haven't spent nearly enough time just drawing.  I have a color pencil piece going as well so that will he

Up Side Dog

                                                                       Up Side Dog                                                                            11"x14"                                                                            Acrylic Well as part of my New Year's resolutions I wanted to enter more challenges as I have found they make me try things that I haven't done before.  The challenges I have done previously pretty much have been everyone paints the same photo. This is this week's DPW challenge, The Underwater challenge.  I have moved to this challenge because they give you both a photo you can use or just the subject and then you have to think up what to do.  Thought it might help my creativity.  Well, heck, anyone could paint a fish.  I had seen this photo on PMP, by Gretchen, the other day when I was looking for inspiration and since I am hung up on water right now I thought this might be the perfect time to paint something that is

Wave Runner

                                                                  Wave Runner                                                                       12"x16"                                                                        Pastel We had another gray rainy day yesterday and I was edgy all day.  I felt like I should be doing something important, but didn't know what it was.  I was coming off another picture high, Sunbeam, and kind of felt that down after you had something succeed to your vision.  So I went and downloaded several photos from PMP and I ran across this picture.  When I am at loose ends I usually pull out my trusty pastels.  I had given myself the gift of two pads of Mi-Tientes papers, grays and colors so I pulled it out and went to work.  A couple of hours later here is the result. What is my quandary you might ask?  Surprising to me I had a tremendous reaction to this picture when I put it on my Facebook page.  Why?  I thought it was a simple, fun l


                                                                        Sunbeam                                                                          Acrylic                                                                          17"x13" Many times I will wake up in the night and once awake start to think of pictures.  This was one of those that I came up with, and in the middle of the night, in my mind's eye, seemed like it would look pretty good.  However, you never known until you get it on paper and see if it really works.  I am  huge fan of sunflowers and they never fail to make me smile.   I realize too we have had multiple rainy days here so guess that's why I was looking for some sunlight.   Used a couple of reference photos from folks at PMP, so thanks to Suzanne and Dawne.  They had some excellent photos that I was able to pick and choose from and inverted one of the images so I could turn and have it face the side I wanted it one.  I really like th

The Curl

                                                                            The Curl                                                                             Acrylic                                                                             20"x20" Finally I think it is done - been living with this one now for 3 weeks, yep I have been in Hawaii I think.  I wanted to try another seascape just to be sure that the first one wasn't a fluke.  You will have to decide if this is up to the Timeless standards. Boy there is a lot to learn about water and I think that is what will continue to draw me to it.  It's got it all, color, light, reflections, movement and making the beach look wet is another exciting adventure.  I already have several more references just calling my name, many by Simon, Ro Lovelock of PMP, posts her son-in-law's spectacular photos.   What drew me to this piece was the curling wave and the splash plume.  Trying to get the surf more cohesiv

Poppy Trio

                                                                              Poppy Trio                                                                        12"x9"                                                                       Acrylic No I haven't gotten  lost, just got busy with the garden and then too hurting and tired to try to paint.  Also I am still battling it out with another seascape, I know I keep whining, but it is taking forever. So I had started this as a sequel piece to another poppy painting I did, the black stripe was on the other side and I thought this would be a nice answer and cover more wall space to give a larger impact.  However that piece has sold so now it looks like I'll need to do another.  Also going to enter this in the DPW weekly challenge - entering contents or challenges is one of this year's goals and I haven't done very well on that yet. Don't  know why but the initial enthusiasm diminished after I got it