Many times I will wake up in the night and once awake start to think of pictures.  This was one of those that I came up with, and in the middle of the night, in my mind's eye, seemed like it would look pretty good.  However, you never known until you get it on paper and see if it really works.  I am  huge fan of sunflowers and they never fail to make me smile.   I realize too we have had multiple rainy days here so guess that's why I was looking for some sunlight.   Used a couple of reference photos from folks at PMP, so thanks to Suzanne and Dawne.  They had some excellent photos that I was able to pick and choose from and inverted one of the images so I could turn and have it face the side I wanted it one.  I really like the graphic effects that I have used in a couple of other poppy pictures so tried out a new layout.  Sort of made if semi-abstract by doing the one flower and bud in negative to the background.
Thanks much for taking a look and have a super weekend.


Alexander said…
That is very artistic. Nice motive
hmuxo said…
Beautiful work Nelvia!!! I love these flowers!!!
This is super Nelvia. I couldn't help thinking that the division of white and black on the background was a little boring and wondered how a triangle rather than a rectangle would work but I really like the idea. Have a great weekend!
Nelvia said…
Hey A, how are you doing. See you are busy again and I am glad to see it, will leave you a note. Glad you think this works.
Nelvia said…
HI Hilda, I really like the difference between the black and white and pop of color. Am certainly going to do more of it
Nelvia said…
Hi Val, you are with me girl. Am working on several more ideas of how to incorporate lines, circles and triangles, so we are on the same page. Again I like the black and white and pop of color. I am going to put it in my online gallery to see what kind of reaction it gets.

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