Spent most of today trying to figure out why blogger won't let me comment on your comments, no matter what platform I am on.   Blogger wants to say Apple's fault and Goggle wants to say Apple's fault.  Will end up and email you guys as I am disgusted and still can't comment.


Helen said…
I hate to hear that. I do love to read your comments. :)
carol edan said…
Probably something in the configurations! probably on blogger!
hmuxo said…
I hope your well, Nelvia...this photo is beautiful. I wanted to paint a portrait using a limited palette. Maybe I will...you as well!!!?
Sheila said…
Ugghhh! I hate when things don't work. They SHOULD always work. Sweet photo :o)
Fingers crossed for you. :)
Joan Tavolott said…
Love the photo. Blogger is changing and I can't figure out how to use the new version...which is not a good thing. It is creating a lot of problems for people.

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