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Bald Eagle

Well was away from this for a few days, but thought about it and came home and did a whirlwind finish. Just dropped in the color and let it go and hope it still reads white. My Mom diagnosed my problem, I always struggle when there is color under with white on top, tough to do with my chosen media which is transparent or turns to mud.
Am now at the fiddling stage but am going to officially call this done. Thanks to Gary Jones for such a great reference photo, will post to PMP and hope I did his photo proud.
Got a new dog to do for a friend and will do in pastel, been pondering on her. Also am donating a pet portrait to a charity of my friend's daughter that helped her have two healthy baby boys. So will see what comes of that.

Bald eagle

Here is an update of trying to figure out the featherwork. Just tried to go with it and put the color in and hoped I could pull out the light. Hoping to catch the image now and not look over worked, still have lots of fine detail to go.

Bald eagle

Well, still giving me fits. Can't figure out how to get the darker color with the lighter beige feathers on top. Am asking for help and ideas. Again this is mostly color pencil and marker for background. Have put some pastel on top of pencil to fluff up the white. Do have some gel pen I here and guess that might be what I have to do is out in darks and pull out feather stents on gel and pencil on top. Whew that will surely try my patience.

Today did lots of inside work again but have clean carpets. Here is my white on white work on the feathers. Hope to have enough color to give it some shape, but once I start the darker cheek feathers think it should read white. At least that is the plan.

Am trying to see if I can post using a different method, not a lot to show but a non-art busy weekend. Still struggling with the feathers