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Northern Lights acrylic buffalo

                                                                  Northern Lights                                                                          20"x16"                                                                          Acrylic Well I have been working on a new blending technique for acrylics.  And of course I am still enthralled with skies.  So the Northern Lights was a perfect opportunity to try to do another silhouette and I am partial to buffaloes.  This blending technique is trying to find the colors between two other major colors and then blend it seamlessly.  If I can perfect it the look would be much closer to what can be achieved with oils.  It sure isn't as easy as it sounds and I really struggled with this.  I just kept adding layers and glazes to try to bring out the various color tones.  What I ended up with for the sky bears no resemblance to what I was trying to use as a reference piece, but in the end I think I finally got close to w

Blood Moon acrylic wildlife portrait

                                                                       Blood Moon                                                                           14"x11"                                                                           Acrylic This weeks project was another in the moon series.  The Blood Moon usually occurs during an eclipse and is caused by the moon picking up reflected red wavelengths of light.  It was a challenge as I wanted to get the primary color, the yellow, so that it would eminate out of the other colors of red/orange/purples.  I liked the idea of using the wildlife in silhouette   and have a couple more of these sky pictures doing that planned.   This is acrylic on a canvas panel board, this time.  But had to do several gessoed layers to get it smooth enough to work with.  The other thing I am learning about acrylic is that you have to apply layers.  That is why it is so forgiving, if you don't like the way it looks, just add another la

Starry Starry Night

                                                               Starry Starry Night                                                                      14"x11"                                                                      Acrylic                                                                                       HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!! And it seemed appropriate for today to have a fireworks sky full of stars and color.  So here is a celestial sky piece starting off another series to compliment the moon series. This is a composition piece from several photographs, put together in a photo editor, to try to visualize it before I started painting it.  The photo editor, still have lots to learn on it, but it really helped me decide things and not make a major uncorrectable mistake.  My initial idea was to paint the dress red, but when I sort of made that happen in the editor, and a friend helped me confirm, that white really was the way to go as it added more to th

High Point Wolf/Moon landscape

                                                                           High Point                                                                              16"x12"                                                                               Acrylic Well I am not sure I am really done with this picture, but my mind is done with it.  I was working on some new techniques and using watercolor canvas.  Very different textures than paper.  The reason I tried this rather than traditional is that it is a bit smoother.  Am working on a new one where I gessoed 3 layers, sanding in between, to try to get a smooth surface.  I guess that is what I have adapted to working on paper all of these  years. I never really thought of the teal/purple/black palette before but I really like how it all works together.  I must admit that I am at a loss right now as to what to do with the left side of the mountain range.  I added a bit of color but really wanted the focus to stay with th