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Public Face, Mixed Media, What to Paint and How to Develop It

Public Face As you, my friends know, I have been on a journey for a while to try to connect with my inner creativity.   That has bubbled up an old desire that I would like to write.   But about what and how?   "How-to" books and videos on painting/drawing abound.  But I've always wondered where picture concepts and ideas come from?   Looking at Hubpages there are a lot of articles on art, but not necessarily the thought process of developing a specific story and painting process painting by painting.  Thinking one person's thoughts might be a niche and of interest to other beginners and intermediates.  There is an exercise that many writers do, they take a picture and write a story or character profile around it.   So that is what I did for this painting and this is a first draft for a potential Hubpage article to test the waters for interest level. THE STORY:   First question I had was why the mirror covered the eyes, easily the most expressive part of o