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Inside Out acrylic portrait

I don't know about you but I do find it difficult to do someone else's tutorial.  However, I was so taken with this picture that I really tried to follow what The Art Sherpa, Cinnamon Clooney, did and not go my own way.   I just thought this was so inventive and now I am on a quest to see if I can come up with some more surreal images.
This is all acrylic and yes, I did struggle with the clouds and sky in general.  Guess that is going to be one of my things to work on, maybe next year, and that will be landscapes.  Maybe there is a really good course out there for those of us who are challenged!!
Anyway, thanks for stopping by and taking a look.

Dark Beauty - Believe Girl 3 acrylic woman portrait

Had an opportunity to get away from all that is technology - not necessarily by choice, but ended up that way.   Was really good in that it was an excellent time to just enjoy each other, think and watch nature and see the beauty.  Was plenty hot here so nicer temperatures were certainly appreciated.
But, got to say it was good to write down all the ideas, but even better to get back in the art room and start to put things together.   Dark Beauty is doing double duty in that this is somewhat based on this week's first acrylic lesson and the weekly challenge from my other group.   Ended up using parts of several photos together to come up with this quasi-Goth girl.
Stuck pretty much with straight acrylic this time, and that felt kind of strange after doing so many mixed media pieces.  After taking off the random tape pieces I didn't really like the light and felt that the blue would add some color/energy to the overall piece.   Hence the reason I am claiming her as a Believe G…

Believe Girl 2 pastel woman portrait

Today is a bit of sketchbook practice as I wanted to see if I could do color patches with pastel.  Of course I ended up and added probably more than I really wanted to, but I do like the soft result.
When I originally saw this photo it made me think of the 1940s, and I think I am going to use it as one of my challenge pieces, word prompt icons and idols.  The suggested "to paint" picture was of Marilyn Monroe and I will probably do her yet.  Thought this reference in black and white was pretty glamorous.  Not entirely sure this isn't some starlet from days gone by, but don't think so.  I think the thing that really made me think 1940s was the style of the dress (think my great Aunt used to wear something like this and called it a sundress).   The dress and hair flowers are done with a tissue collage and the rest of the piece is primarily pastel.   Necklace is just a little bit of graphite thrown on for a delicate necklace - actual photo was crystal that was popular i…

Her Majesty's Realm

I have found it difficult to find reference photos of people with their backs facing us.  So when I saw this pose I knew I wanted to paint it.   Something about this appeals to me, even though it could be considered provocative, it has a sense of innocence about it.  I also love doors and gates and I found a wonderful window with the view to the ocean I felt they were perfect together, and so, it was finally time to paint it.  
This is another mixed media piece.   The stone walls, shutter and her gauzy wrap are all collage, the rest is painted with maybe a little pastel/graphite thrown in.  I am hoping that I got the lighting right as the two pictures weren't really all that compatible.  
For collage paper in this piece I used just simple brown paper bag (on the shutter), cheap brown hand towel (for the walls, it actually has dimples which added to the texture) Handmade tissue/papers (for the walls) and white tissue for the wrap.  I have been experimenting with turning and twisti…

Believe Girl I

While I am working through my online course I have also started looking at some other tutorials regarding faces from The Art Sherpa (translated that means I am bored with charcoal but got one more lesson and then we get to switch media).  She had a face quest in 2017 where she goes into details and did many tutorials on portraits about working on the face.  Not all of them are really my thing, so I pick out the gems/jewels and if patient enough to watch all the tutorials I usually learn something important.  
One of the looks I really like is the pixelated, abstract, impressionist color, California vibe, blocked color look.  I have been hooked on Art Lover and one of the competitions winners had this style and well, I just fell in love with it.  But, I kind of absolutely have no way of getting there.  I find all kinds of images that you can do with filter and things in photoshop - but I need to train my mind to be photoshop.  So I am going to take Cinnamon's advice (Art Sherpa) a…

Rainbow acrylic portrait woman

Well, "they" say that if you put your mind to it nothing is beyond your doing.  But got to say that this is pushing my limits pretty much.   This is from an inspiration tutorial from The Art Sherpa and he inspiration of Guy Tang, an avant guard hair designer.  Back to me, cause you know it's always about me - anyway, my ind just doesn't work along these lines I guess.  Been way too many years as a traditional person and not sure I could change now.  Of course, this could be my next hair color/do and perhaps my world would change quite a bit.  Bet this is more fun than being blonde!!
Thanks much for stopping by and taking a look.

In The Spot Light acrylic portrait

You might wonder what the deal is with these unusual titles.   I am working through another year-long challenge by the Art Sherpa.  I figure since I am doing both lessons and pictures inspired by my online lessons I could couple it with word prompts for the inspired pictures on her site.  It is an additional FB group that all are working from similar things and it is always a learning/inspiring thing to see what other are doing and why.  Even though there are landscapes and other subjects I am kind of building a collection with my portraits using various techniques that I am learning in my online course.
This isn't exactly what I saw in my imagination.  What's with the circle?  Well, this was inspired by my friend Rita, on IG @ritaquatrinivaselli, who is currently working digitally with an app, where she can really utilize her creativity.   She showed a post where there were square color blocks across the face, and well, it looked pretty neat.  I was going to try it with coll…