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Nix - Goddess of the Night

Here is Nyx, this Goddess of the Night I am calling complete.  Just got back from the old house and getting an unexpected repair done, took 2 days since the plumber stood us  up yesterday.  But at least right  now don't think I will have to go back for at least 7-10 days!!!

Since it is pouring rain, we have had almost 9" of rain in February, I decided not to start a new house organizing project and come play in the art room.  I know the burning question you are asking and the answer is still no, I haven't found those cookie sheets.  Where can they be hiding?

This acrylic piece has a lot of transparent white.  The dress was particularly fun to do and much easier than one would think.  I struggled most with the face and getting some proper colorization on her arm.  I also battled it out with the "almost there" leg.

Anyway, now I am going to go to a new project and not really sure what it will be right now as I have seen a couple of things that spark my interest. …

NYX fairy WIP

Well as I write this we are again gray and had big rains, my poor old house is almost under water.    Well, not literally, but there is a lot of standing water in the yard.

No I am not working so fast, I just posted my other fairy yesterday - I am out to lunch on the results and so this morning I decided to take a bit and start this new project.  This is Nyx, Greek goddess of the night.

While I haven't been doing art I was watching videos and got caught up watching Cinnamon Cooney, calls herself the Art Sherpa.  Her Mom, Ginger Cook, also does videos and posts at PMP, where I get a lot of reference photos/ideas.  Anyway, Cinnamon works in acrylics, has posted many videos on all types of subjects, and while I don't always like what she comes up with, I do like how she presents her process.   She has a Big Art Quest, you can find on Facebook, where she picks a theme for a year and then teaches toward making those picture.  She has done this for several years and this year she …


Well, here is the final version of the fairy.   I didn't like the bottom so I cropped, thank goodness for the crop!!  Was happy to be able to get the transparent wings.  At least this go me started and I have another fantasy project to try.  Have to find my paints and brushes though and oh yeah, somewhere in the garage are some canvas boards!!!   Yeah, sure.

Anyway, got to tell you we have been having an early morning concert from the "Hoo Hoo Hoo".  Now, remember I am a city girl, so we are guessing that it is an owl or two as we hear a couple of different "hoo hoo hoo" levels.  Those of you country folks, don't laugh too hard, but do share with me what it might be.  But we also think we might have some wild turkeys running about as well, as we think we hear them especially in the mornings.  Already got outsmarted by a squirrel who laughed as hard as he could with such a full belly - so baffle is on its way.  Crazy guy hung right down with only his front …

Fairy WIP

Well I got to play a little bit more.  I am glad to still be above ground, but let me tell you, kids ignore this, it is tough getting old.  Got a few things done at the old house and boy am I tired and sore.  My mind and my physical stamina are definitely on two different pages.  This move thing has really wiped me out.  Not sure if I will ever recover from this day in and out grind.  We did however have an unexpected person come over to see the house, our neighbor, and he was pretty complementary, so maybe it doesn't look as bad as it feels to  me.  But, enough of that, and just glad I got to steal a few minutes in the art room.

Pretty much tried to work on the background while I am making decisions on how I am going to dress this fairy.  Also, don't ask me how, but I have managed to lose my cookie sheets that I use to put out my pan pastels.  Got to tell you that cookie sheets are pretty hard to lose since they aren't exactly tiny now are they?  I have no clue how I pa…

Fairy WIP

Well woman cannot live by doing unpacking alone.  After almost 8 weeks of nothing but moving and cleaning thoughts I had to get back into the art room and try to get back into the swing of things.  Have two really busy days coming up cleaning the old house so we can get it listed and officially on the market, so needed a rest day and some fun.  

For whatever reason the thoughts I have been having in my head for my comeback picture have been about fantasy, so this WIP is going to be about the changing of a live person shot into a fantasy fairy.  This probably will really end up more being a study rather than a true picture as I am doing on paper and using watercolor and color pencil - two things I am really rusty at.

I liked the pose and the red hair on the woman in the reference photo.  But I have gone ahead and am trying to make some changes to make her more fairy-like and have her looking more directly out of the picture so you wonder what she is communicating.  I will go back in…