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Sorry, not the greatest picture.   But it is one of the last "remember when" pics as it is almost time, just days now and I will be in one place, reunited with my art things.  Am sure it will be "where the #@$^ is it?!!" for the next couple of months.  But, I am really looking forward to getting back to my dull, boring life.  Although not sure how that is going to work out as when we got to the house the other day looked like developers might be acquiring the horse farm.  There goes my quiet neighborhood and friendly horse neighbors.  Everything is changing so quickly from agricultural to subdivisions, all that traffic on little county lanes - doesn't sound too wonderful any more.

One of my art heroes is Hubert Shuptrine, a superb watercolorist and also painted in oils.  I am the proud owner of two of his collaborative books with James Dickey, where he documented sights and sounds of the South.  I felt if I could copy some of his work I could learn his techniques and become an artist, even a watercolorist too.  He used very muted, almost drab, color palettes.   For the most part the pictures I did do out of his book were done in pastel.  They are treasured pieces I wouldn't even part with.  This, however, is one of my rare watercolors.

I always thought this would be a wonderful piece for a nursery and have been tempted to find other rocking horses and do another.  Do they still even make rocking horses for kids any more?

Thanks much for stopping by and hope you are having a good weekend.


  1. This would look great in a nursery or a child's room. Nicely done!! It sounds like you are moving to a nice area. All the best with the move!

  2. A charming painting Nelvia. Too bad about the horse farm but maybe the developers won't change the area too much. Good luck with the rest of the move.

  3. I hate change Nelvia. It's horrible when you buy a house and later you find out that builders buy land to build on it. It makes you crazy!!! My neighbors are pretty close to me...just once I would love to sneeze without the neighbors yelling God Bless You!!! Lol
    LOVE this painting. And wonderful job on the matting and framing. I agree with Joan.. How perfect it would look in a child's room!!!! Good luck with the moving!!

  4. Wonderful piece Nelvia! I think they still do, but not like this. They are characters now, or stuffed. I know how you feel, you remember... we lost our view of granite mountain. And now there are so many houses crowded back there. And even more being built next to them. But those are out of view at least. Still , we were on a quiet dead end street, and now it will be a through way. Les country already. Smooth moving to you nelvia

  5. Lovely piece, I still have an old fashioned rocking horse and I love it. Good luck on your move .

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