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New Framing Experiment

Seeing Red I have been searching for a framing alternative for the works I do on paper.   Why do I use paper? Well,  I guess because I always have and it was easier to throw away a piece of paper versus a canvas.  But primarily it is a lot easier to store and ship something on paper rather than canvas boards or stretched canvas.  But I have always felt the downside was that additional framing costs could prohibit a person from buying a piece.  Not only is it more expensive but you either have to do it yourself or pay a framer to do it for you.  This looks more like a floating frame and actually could be framed if you choose. So, I think, I might have found a solution that I could implement that could make a paper piece "ready-to-hang", and do it at a reasonable cost.  This is my hibiscus, painted on Canson canvas paper, and a linen-like textured surface.  During and after the painting process I used varnish coats (I used gloss, ain't gonna do that again) which re

Lion King

Lion King 20"x16" Acrylic Well hoping those bots or whatever the heck they are will be leaving me alone.  They say they don't bother you but they really skew your visit counts.  I never really know why it happens but it has several times but seems if I don't post for a bit they get bored and move on. This is a photo from Glennis Weston at PMP and I have done this little guy several times.  He just has such a sweet expression that begs you to paint him.  I think he is really talking through his eyes.   I know, I know, this is kind of far out there, but I literally dreamed this up one night (wonder if that was the night I had had a martini?)  and felt like doing another galaxy.  They are always so much fun.    I thought this would perfect for a nursery or young child's room.  Will see if it gets any play in my Etsy shop.  I found the perfect shot of earth with Africa and thought that was kind of appropriate as well. Hope you enjoy him and he brings a

Sunlit Poppies

Sunlit Poppies It always seems to be the case that when I finish a piece I am happy with, the next one is a real struggle.  So this is no exception.  I did try something different in that I underpainted cad red and it does peek through in some places.  Then I was off to the bokeh races, and started with sunshine colors, or maybe that was sunset/sunrise, didn't like it, so changed it up to blue skies, didn't like that and now am going in the sunshine yellow direction.  Think I will stay with this, but definitely lightening it from the top down, but still fading off to the left with darker colors.   I bought a new medium dagger brush and I think I am in love.  It is synthetic and holds a lot of water and paint.  I think I confused it with a cat's tongue, but so glad I did as it does a wonderful job and made the foliage so easily.   So yes, the right tools do make all the difference.  Don't know where I have been, but guess I need to take a harder look at brushes an

Magnolia Blossom acrylic portrait magnolia flowers

Magnolia Blossoms Acrylic 11"x14" “Talent is a pursued interest. Anything that you're willing to practice, you can do.”   - Bob Ross I thought this was a wonderful quote.  I don't know if it has happened to you, but people say, oh you are so talented.  Not true, couldn't be farther from the truth, although I am sure there are many artists who do possess that something extra, something special.  But for the most part for the rest of us, it is just a matter of studying,  learning your  tools and materials, practicing, and then start to trust your inner self.  I am on a journey to try to find my voice.  Not that I am a late bloomer, but I should have already found it, yes?  I guess what I am really looking for is the way I wish and want to paint.   Not necessarily how I have been doing it. I am pleased with this piece.  Many thanks to Sanne who put this wonderful reference piece up at PMP.  Personally I think Magnolias are just wonderful flowers.  They hav

In the Garden

In the Garden Acrylic 11"x14" Been a while since I have shown my blog some love.  All of a sudden the skies have opened and we are getting lots and lots of rain - probably close to 6" in 3 days.  It has broken the spell of 90s that we have had so it is  much appreciated by the plants/grass for the wet and me for a reduction of temps. So it was time to play a bit using a couple of new toys I have gotten.  Still working on textures and using a palette knife.  I used some stencil in this as well to add in extra texture marks.  Big concern here is whether or not I ended up with two focal points using the rule of thirds - Your thoughts please. I also broke down and got a pthalo turquoise and a gold (not tried that yet) as well as some new brushes and replacement colors.   Finally have painted enough that I have worked my way through some of the original acrylic tubes.   Hope it adds some color to your day and thanks much to stopping by and taking a look.