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Showing posts from November, 2011
Media:  Graphite on paper
Size 11"x6"

Well it is back to drawing basics here and thought I'd try to capture the rough texture and wrinkled skin of this elephant.  Going to work with graphite and characoal for a bit and try some different techniques that might translate into my pastel work.  Also think I'll try to work with graphite glazed with marker or colored pencil and see if I can get that soft color without getting muddy.
Title:  NOSEY
Medium: Acrylic
Size:  9"x12"

Well, wanted to start to stretch my imagination and work on composition and design, not just replicate the image someone else took.  So browsed a bit on Paint my Photo and made this nosey duo above from two different cow photos and then fenced them in with a rock wall so we wouldn't have to look at their knobby knees.

Looks different here than in real life (don't see that all green).  Learned some things as well about rocks, worked with shades of green but need to learn to accept more contrast in real life to get it on the photo.  Like the modeling on the cows and wanted to make it appear that the cow on the left was leaning forward and reaching their nose out to you, while the other is aware but not quite as nosey.  It was a risk putting the solid horizontal wall in front but think it doesn't block you out and that your eye still moves about the picture.

Still trying to work with the acrylic and get the blending and t…