Ol Blue Eyes

                                                                      Ol Blue Eyes
                                                              Graphite/White Chalk
You know  when you have a Monday on a Tuesday you have to be a bit irreverent.  So here is an ostrich with attitude.   This is a combination of pics I just took at the Birmingham zoo, for some reason they put the ostriches with the giraffes, and this one was a character who comes right up in your face to say Howdy do", and a reference from Sandy Scott, an excellent Florida wildlife photographer who usually captures the best birds on PMP.

 I know they really don't have blue eyes, but they can't be blondes (can they Starr), so this is the next best thing.  Just had a little fun, got out the pencils again as I haven't spent nearly enough time just drawing.  I have a color pencil piece going as well so that will help with the drawing, but don't want to get too rusty.   Challenge here was to make the beak come out at you like 3D - did I succeed?

Hope he gives you a big smile and thank much for stopping by.


hmuxo said…
Awesome piece Nelvia! His blue eyes are painted so beautifully...looks like glass !!!!!
I just bought some pencils...so we'll see where it takes me! Lol. And yes, the beak looks wonderful!!!
Well done, Nelvia! I think all ostriches have attitude and you captured his very well. As for the eyes - contacts, baby, contacts!

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