The Curl

                                                                            The Curl
Finally I think it is done - been living with this one now for 3 weeks, yep I have been in Hawaii I think.  I wanted to try another seascape just to be sure that the first one wasn't a fluke.  You will have to decide if this is up to the Timeless standards.
Boy there is a lot to learn about water and I think that is what will continue to draw me to it.  It's got it all, color, light, reflections, movement and making the beach look wet is another exciting adventure.  I already have several more references just calling my name, many by Simon, Ro Lovelock of PMP, posts her son-in-law's spectacular photos.  
What drew me to this piece was the curling wave and the splash plume.  Trying to get the surf more cohesive is something that I am working on, not a lot about that on YouTube, or I haven't found it yet.  But am trying to use the big brush to help blend.  This is the second piece I have done with the acrylic interactives and I think I am sold and won't be going back.  Still really haven't figured out how to use the mediums but am going to try to work on it for the next picture.
Right now I don't have any idea what my next picture will be - usually I have several going at once, but it is a blank slate as of this moment.
Hope you will have a super week, coming up, and thanks so much for stopping by.


hmuxo said…
You managed to capture the movement of the water beautifully Nelvia!!! Beautiful splash against the rocks! Perfect title as well!!!
I especially like the breakers in the foreground - a hard subject well done. Good job Nelvia!
Nancy Goldman said…
We must be thinking the same way. We both did waves this week. I really love the action in your painting.

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