Well since I have been occupied and not really started anything new.  Thought about what I want to do next and will try to get something before it's time to go to work again.
So thought I'd post these pics I found as I was once again cleaning and organizing my art room.  Forgot I did these, many years ago.  So surprising to me colored pencils have been in my checkered past.  I loved the first little girl and always wanted to do her again.  Not fond of her facial features and would like to refine them a bit and add a puppy nipping at the lowest teddy bear. 
And absolutely loved the idea of the plaids in the little garden girl.  Nice to always look back to what you did and see where you are and for a little while feel good about the progress you think you made.
Rain, Rain, Rain, we are in flood watches now and have about three more days of rain to go.  So no outside work today, did sneak in a walk with umbrella and wind sort of blew me along with the umbrella as my sail.  Now off to do some more projects.
Hope all are having a great weekend and have fun painting.


  1. Dear Nelvia,reorganizing studio
       we always look" how we were" ... it's nice to see progress but also the spirit that guides us and inspires us is always the same. I love these graceful little girls!
    The little girl is a topic that you have often dealt with, as I often paint the flowers.
    Here it rained a lot, the rivers are very high and have flooded the banks, but without creating more damage fortunately.
      But today was a wonderful day, with a sky that seemed colored with cyan! I was happy to receive mail from you, and I take the time to respond calmly tomorrow.
    Today make a post has already been a miracle for me! Warm hugs,Rita.

  2. Isn't that the girl from the salt box ? if it rains it pours.....

  3. Hello dear Nelvia:) What I always like to you is your self-reflection. Always critical of your own work with a fair judgment. I like your 2 girls very pretty and sweet. What a wonderful topics! That we haven't seen that before from you. It would be perfect if you have a dog gasping under the teddy bear. The teddy bears are great Love them:) At the second girl is to see that you, also a few years ago, not shying away from a difficult work. The hat is great and the girl herself too. I hope to see them again in watercolor! :) ?Thick compliments. Lots of love and greetings:) xxx

  4. These two drawings are fantastic! I LOVE the second one where the little girl is picking the flowers...Precious piece!!


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