Shades of Pink

Shades of Pink
This is kind of a culmination of lots of things I have been working on for the last couple of  months.  It started with a photo I liked, putting it into GIMP I wanted to put it into color dropper and see what colors/tones were coming up.  They weren't quite striking enough so I then went to adjusting the color curves.   Came up with several options that I really liked.   Thought it might be a great fun way to better learn how to mix colors and do a little mini series as well.  Going to call it Shades of....

Then it was back into oils.   I kind of am addicted to them now that I got through the first painting.   I do really like how they blend.   Currently am using a styrofoam meat tray as my palette so I can just toss it when it is to messy to clean.  However this was more complex or something and I wasn't able to get it finished in just one sitting.  So I needed to utilize some of the painting medium for my oil mixables.  First of course I had to get the child proof top off .... have you ever noticed that like technology, small children can do more and open bottles that are "child proof" and we adults just can't.    Anyway after having to pry the push down top off I could utilize and easily access the medium for both wetting and thinning purposes.

Thanks much for stopping by and taking a look.


Helen said…
Nelvia, if your oil paint is on a styrofoam plate, just put another plate on top of it (like a clamshell), and put it in the freezer. Your paint will stay just fine. Once you take it out, give it a minute to warm up, and you're ready to paint.
Shades of Pink is a good title for this because - wow! I like the abstractness of the whole thing; the dots and dashes mixed with blends. She looks a little sneaky and makes me wonder what she has been up too. I think all the things you have learned have really broadened your skills. Well done Nelvia!
Joan Tavolott said…
Looks like she's contemplating something...I wonder what. Nicely done! It is great to see what you come up with each time. You've had such interesting effects and when I read about what you did I never would have come up with those ideas. Keep pushing!

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