Well am in cleaning frenzy now that winter is coming and we have to live back inside; so just stopped to take a few minutes to complete my Zambian Lady.  I still don't know what to do about a background, right now since it is a small space maybe nothing.  I will put her in the GIMP and see if I add different background color what happens, (said that like I think I know I could really do that eh?  we'll see)  I really want her face and hat to be the focus, but am not going to do anything more as I fear I'll ruin it.  So for now I call her done and see if I have a frame for her, found a small mat, and will look at her for a while but want to get her under glass or she will be smeared and I am not ready to put her in my paper file as I want her as a reminder you don't have to labor long but go with the flow.

Also found this pastel of a lady I did years ago, this came off of a travel magazine cover and hope I don't have an issue posting it as I am not even sure who the photographer was or if the magazine is still in business.  I have seen others paint her as well. For me I had to paint it, it was the shadow challenge, the texture of her wrap and the lace at the dress bottom.  Already see issues with perspective (oh how I hate that, but one of my drawing lessons that I need to keep pushing myself to work on)   Amazing to me how many of the same tones are in each of these pictures.  Guess I do love my earth tones.
Next projects will be back to my tiger as he has been patiently staring at me for weeks now.  Want to do Lela's challenge in colored pencil but on a new support, Duralar, a translucent sheet that you can paint pencil on both front and back to gain depth and then use any solid color paper for the background.  I have seen a few people use this and the results were breath taking - just saying their was, not mine :(
Thanks for stopping by and have a great painting week. 



  1. Astonishing features in her face, looks like a devious smile of joy with some little extra. And the lady below really really good. Especially the legs and the shadow.

  2. The portrait is so beautiful: it is wise to wait!
    The second figure is really nice for color, movement, interpretation!
    Pastels love you, Dear Nelvia! Great works!

  3. Dear Nelvia:) I can imagine that the background color is an issue. I would say ocre but a bit lighter than the hat. But I don't take any responsibility :) The lady is just beautiful Nelvia and I still love her expression.
    That other lady shows how talented you are. I think most people haven't seen your other work. Maybe an idea to post so now and then one of them? They are so beautiful. pls...
    I'm so curious about your Duralar. Sounds specteculair. Make something beautiful with it and take my breath away, like you have done so much times! I'm doing the challenge too so we will meet there:) I'm now at layer nr. 15 to get the color right:) Painting is fun. Love ya!


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