Jim's View

                                                                      Jim's View
Just wanted to thank you, Val, Helen, Diane, and Hilda for taking a look and giving me input.  It is much appreciated ladies as I just get too close to it and I don't always see what is in front of me.

Enough of the tweaking, dabbling, daubing, repainting and fussing, I just signed it and for me that says I think it is done.  I tried to get more green color in the right bottom corner and added a few more flowers which I think takes away that white look that I had going.  Got the sides and bottom finished so he won't have to frame.  I decided to leave the jeans the lighter color than in the ref picture because I wanted them to read jeans and his t-shirt to read black.

 I am thinking that the weeds on the bottom centers of the pic point you up to the tree, then road on the left and Jim's arm and the rocks angling in on the right bottom corner points toward the tiny house.  That's where I want your eye to move to before it goes back on the little road into the far distant hills and mountains.

I kind of learned to love green in this picture and went full out with Spring.

Now just got to figure how to pack - UPS may make a ton off of me if my ideas don't work.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look at the final piece.


  1. Nelvia, I think those last tweaks were very good and worth it. Honestly, I thought maybe the white-ish coloring in the bottom right was maybe a washout from a camera flash or something. I love it so much more now.
    As far as the mailing... I've mailed almost 200 paintings, and many have been large like this one. I just wrap them up, sometimes making my own box from a bigger piece of cardboard. I always wrap over that with white paper and use plenty of clear tape around all the edges. I use USPS. So far... (knock on wood)... I've had zero get damaged. I've shipped to every corner of the country. Write FRAGILE on it, and don't ever send it Parcel Post. Anyway, it's worked out for me.

  2. Looks great - did exactly the amount of change to reflect a perfect picture.

  3. Glad our comments helped Nelvia. This looks super know. I don't know about the shipping except that it is really expensive to mail things from Canada to the States - be grateful you live where you do for postage - lol. Have a great week.

  4. Wow- what a great view point and so unusual, love the landscape too and all the different greens, great job again !


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