Secrets acrylic portrait of a women


I haven't take a log of classes so I am not sure if the way I am doing my online lessons is correct or not.   But while I watch the videos I don't usually do the actual photo reference, usually try to find a reference similar but then work through the process with that photo.   

This is a lesson that Kara Bullock did in my online course and, well, it was just fascinating to me.  So in this case I made an exception as I really like the pose for this.   I looked for something similar but didn't find it.  The lighting in this is really interesting and hard to come by.

However, I took a little liberty with the background as I always struggle with making them interesting.

Learned so much in this lesson, the colors are not what I would normally use in the skin tones so really just expanded that option so much.

Thanks much for stopping by and taking a look.


hmuxo said…
Excellent piece, Nelvia. I love the earthy colors you used. I'm curious, what size is this painting... Definitely another favorite!!!
Joan Tavolott said…
I love how you used her photo but really made it your own. Great colors in the skin tones and I like that you used similar colors, but more intense in the background. Super job!
Sheila said…
I love the lighting, the pose, her expression, the background. I love how her shoulder sort of disappears, and the highlights in her hair on that side. Everything is working so well here, leading our eyes exactly where you intended. Awesome work Nelvia!