Size 9"x12"
Media: Colored Pencil on Bristol Board

Well here is the finished kiwi painting.  Got interrupted and only had the table and last piece to do so got out of the rhythm of putting the color layers together and kind of lost the interest and excitement portion I felt intially as I am ready to move on to the next piece.
So while not the most exciting thing I've done I did learn a bit more about using layers of marker and colored pencil and will be more discriminating on how I use the marker base in the future as it definitely leaves a layer that is hard for the colored pencil to cover.  Do like some of the translucent sections in the kiwi and need to learn how to leave the white of the paper just like in water color to capitalize on the translucent nature of the wax pencils.  Chalk this one up to a learning exercise and call it done.


  1. It looks wonderful.You are off to a great start on Bear.Looking forward to watching it progress.

  2. Hello Nelvia:) You did a great job on this one! The details couldn't be better. I've got the same with staying to long on a painting.
    The greens in your kiwi are very nice. Love it!

  3. I think you put it on nicely with the fruit's flesh. The loss of excitement of a painting I know well - that is why I am a bit wary for painting every picture on those challenges, since I have the feeling losing the excitement too fast too often.

  4. Wonderful finish Nelvia and as Renate said , green is lovely.

  5. I love the elegance in simplicity in this one.


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