Well my friend Bear is not coming out on the paper quickly - he is just taking his time.  I always thought he was laughing and think he is laughing at me as he knew the joke was that he knew he'd take a lot of time.

However he is teaching me a lot (and again by posting I see things I don't usually just looking at the easel - interesting). He has a short hair coat and it's really glossy,reflects a lot of light giving me many shades of grey which I need to try to immulate.  Still am using basically only two pencils 2B and 4B.  Will put him at my chair or since it's BEAUTIFUL outside to the porch and he will go faster than sitting on the easel.  It's 60 this morning and we are now well on our way to summer as we'll be highs in the 80's and this is still March which is supposed to be winter.

Funny, I looked down at my hands and realized I've developed a new hair technique for him and totally hold the pencil in a different position - almost like I am painting with the side of the lead of the pencil - not utilizing the tip with him.  Have no clue where that came from but it feels right and I like the result

I have to find a bigger needle, one that won't cut the paper so blunt tip, as I want to do more around his mouth area, especially you can see it on the chin, with imprinting the hairs I want to leave white.  Might also try another way, using a colored white pencil, will have to see if graphite will stick over wax pencil - probably will an smear to boot.

Anyway we aren't in a rush so Bear and I will continue at our slow pace and see what develops.

Also will be posting on my new site PawPrintsbyNelvia.blogspot.com.  This is going to be primarily my animals and where I can specifically show the finished paintings - kind of my portfolio.  So if you get a chance check it out as I posted a couple of pieces I did a few years ago. 

Will update you tomorrow nite on my friend Bear.

Hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy much painting, drawing and dreaming.


  1. Hello Nelvia:) You are so talented! I love the way you give each dog his own face. Not just two eyes, a nose and a mouth, but they really have face with each his own expression. Bear is going to be great, I know it! Take your time, it's worth it!!!!
    By the way: do you have to mention in each post how wonderful the weather is over there? It's so cold here :( :)

  2. I only mention it because it is so surprising - my garden is just bursting with blooms, will take a picture for you later - little chipmunks running everywhere. You got all our cold weather this winter, but it is going to rain so that should make you feel a little better. Will try to blow some warm air your way :(
    Thank you for the comments, I always worry if I can gind the expression so I am glad you see the resemblance, that means I am doing something right. :)

  3. He is coming along beautifully, Nelvia...I love his expression! :o)

    I'm not far from you, just one state north, and we are enjoying an early spring as well...birds singing, flowers blooming...gorgeous weather! I'm enjoying it while I can because it will be sweltering here all too soon, lol. Take care and have a wonderful weekend. Can't wait to see your next progress photo! :o)


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