Well here is Lyrae, just finished her today as I am back from Florida and way too sore from building the show standing all day of the show to do much else physically.  got the grass cut and some weeds pulld, but that's it.  Getting to old for this.   Darn already Sunday night and almost time to go to work again, short week though for us as it is the 4th of July and my favorite guy has a birthday this week.

David keeps saying she is going to be my masterpiece and I hope this doesn't disappoint him.  Pretty much believe she is done but will keep her hanging to make adjustments for pops and shadows for better form.  Not sure I am Liking the cloak hairs here and need to refine them I think for finer texture.  David will see tomorrow and give me his input.
Stephanie, if you see this, why you decided to check in, still a surprise but months early.  I am hoping you are pleased and we will get her framed, thinking black mat in  black frame, very close crop so this regal lady is the spotlight.   The picture makes it all a little brighter than in real life,  paper is dead black as the mat will be.  Struggled with the beige/golden tones and still not sure of the receipe.  
Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great painting week.


  1. Wow,what a lovely portrait!!!
    You should be so proud.

    1. Thanks C, I am pretty happy that the owners are thrilled and see their dog in eyes and body. She flowed out and I am happy to work in pastel, just like coming home. Think I am going to do more on black paper. Any more puppies getting adopted?

  2. The expression in the eyes is sensational Nelvia. I can see she must have been a very sweet dog. So well done my dear. Congratulations with this beautiful portrait!xxx

  3. Hi Nelvia,
    Four have now been adopted....so hard to let them go.
    They have all gone to great homes and we just hope that they will be forever homes!! Thanks for caring!!!

  4. This portrait is amazing, Nelvia!!! I absolutely love it and so happy to hear that the owner of this dog loves it as well!!! The eyes are beautifully painted....Congratulations! your work with pastels is wonderful!


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