Miss Lulu Update

Well I measured, puttered and played and debated posting this.  But here you get the good, bad, ugly and happy accidents.   I am sure you all were wondering what the heck I was doing with the background, so thought at least I would show you that.  Even though this isn't my best ever effort I learned a great deal and this turned into a happy accident.   Thank you so much Helen, for reenforcing me to consider what I already own.  There is actually so much built into this computer that I have no idea about, well... will definitely gave to get that tutorial out and find out what else I have been missing.

I now can say that I have learned more about measuring and can do so on the computer, generating lines, angles, squares, circles, etc.  all of which faces are comprised of.  Going to take a bit more learning and practice but will incorporate it into my future faces.   While I want to get "a likeness" I still want it to say something about the person.

I am definitely going to try Lulu again, I didn't get what I wanted, but I think I can, you can tweak to death and still not be able to fix the flaws.  We just need a break from each other.

So, off to work on my monthly ATCs.

Thanks much for taking a look.


  1. I like that you cropped the background so she stands out more. I think it came out well.

  2. You did an amazing job Nelvia... the only thing I would play around with is her eyebrows... look carefully and see the shape of them.. that might change the painting! I hope you do more portraits!!!!!

  3. I don't do portraits, so no help here. But I will tell you what I have been told many times. I think you are being too hard on yourself. She turned out adorable. I love the messy texture of her hair. The background frames her like a halo, and there is just enough texture to add interest, but not take away from the subject. AWE- some!

  4. She is wonderful, lively and has a bit of "hootzpa"! And there is a good likeness as well,


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