Ok here it is already late Sunday afternoon with a long work week looming in front of me.   I just haven't gotten it together this weekend because I just didn't know how to go about doing this dog so I just found excuses not to get started.  So it froze me, finally just said time to start and change it up on the fly. 
So here is "Yes I'm Sexy and I know it".  Isn't he about the homeliest dog, but just look at that face - he is adorable.  He has been a rough toughie and it took me all week to get my thumbnail shadow plan in my sketchbook, tranferred to tracing paper which I then traced onto my bristol board.  He just didn't want to get down on paper - so we fought, I won.   I am doing him in a larger format, think it's 11"x14" as I wanted to have some space around his chubby cheeks. 
I started out thinking I would do this in watercolor pencil and regular colored pencil - hence the ultra smooth surface of bristol board.  Well, let me tell you that's changed.  Immediately it became clear I couldn't get the look I wanted.  This dog has short hair and it just looked like I was scratching lines, so now it is going to be an overall softer look, with touches (I HOPE) of fur that makes you think he's furry all over.  So right now think my approach be a combination of water color pencils, colored pencil and pastel touches for color correction and filler - and as you can see I am just at the start -- so who knows what it will be when I get to the end.
The bad news is that this is something I can't do in my chair in front of the tv with my hubby snoring softly in his chair so that means it will take me a bit longer.  I'll have to find something else to fiddle with in the chair this week and sneak in 10 to 15 minutes at a time to get this moving.


  1. STOP don't go any further!! I already like it like it's right now. This must become a beauty, that's for sure! I know it was worth the fight with him and there may be some more fights to come:) You will win! Lots of succes and I hope you will post so now and then your progress.

  2. Nelvia,
    It is looking great.Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment.The answer to your question is yes,I put two coats of sealant on the stone,then the painting and then two coats of sealant over the painting.I hope this helps.


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