Title:  Garden Delights
Media: Acrylic on paper
Size:  9"x12"
Here is my rendition of the January challenge for PADT.  This was a fun painting as it has lots of color as the reds just grab hold of you.  I couldn't resist and added in a little wildlife and humor (I hope) and it's also enjoying the garden's delights.  Unfortunately I deal with these critters on my tomatoes each year, just don't know how they always find them but they do and usually eat a lot before I get to them.  Hate picking them off too as they are squishy.

This is another acrylic piece and it is a constant battle to learn how to use, as there are many ways and techniques you can utilize.  Not sure if it was the paint colors, which were very translucent or the fact that there is very little white or tint colors used, other than in the bowl, so opaqueness wasn't added.  Because of the translucency it ended up that I used quite a bit of glazing layers to get the colors where I really wanted them to be and cover some of the base shadowing that I had put in.   I just couldn't at full strength get it to cover.

This was to be an painting with lost edges and mystery, not sure I ended up with that.  The photo shadows are always so dark and tried to get color into the shadow and not have it a dead black.

I particularly like the small cherry tomatoes.  I don't know how I got them that way, but to me they look very realistic and kind of glow from within.  Will need to try to figure out what I did so I maybe could do it again.


  1. Hai Nelvia:) I already commented on paint and draw together but I made a mistake. My eyes are not that good anymore. I thought you added a leaf up there (a rolled over one), but now I read your story I understand it is a worm :) I like that kind of humor!!!!! But worm or leaf I realy do like your painting. I can see you took time for it and that shows off. My compliments!

  2. This is beautifully done Nelvia and I love how you painted that bg,bowl tomatoes love it, welldone.

  3. I love how brave you are with your shine spot on the big tomato. That's always the scariest paint stroke for me.


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