Ok, here is the start of my tiger so I am off the snide of actually getting started and got something on that white paper.  The reference photo is from PMP, Gary Jones is the photographer, actually he had several just great reference shots of this big boy.  Loved this expression and how he is intensely scoping you out, he is really engaged scenting you out I think to see how tasty you might be.
I tried something different with the eyes (not sure how well it's going to show up) and am happy to get multiple colors in and tried to show striations but ran out of paper without that many layers down.  Only thing different is used a blender in addition to the pencils themselves, very waxy, so not sure I am going to like that as much as it sounded good, might just go back to white, cream or yellow to burnish.  I do need to study up some more though to improve on the eye technique - probably over thought it instead of just going with it.
Have him on my easel board now so every time I come in the room he will greet me and demand some attention.  Have no clear cut idea on how the heck I am going to do him.   I have a pretty detailed shadow plan, but know I really want to capture this beautiful color and get the overlap feel of different fur color over another color - just don't know how I am going to make it happen.   I do intend to use a white gelly roll gel pen as I saw on a wetcanvas piece, to pick out the hairs - tedious but it looked terrific on the piece I saw.  Of course the lady I am trying to emulate does terrific work.
I see a big problem already, really don't know how I am going to pick out the white fur tufts coming out of his left ear as I have a white background, so guess I'll have to put in a background this time, ugh!!  If I do that I'll have to try working in negative space or emboss to keep those hairs white (maybe will just cheat and put in white acrylic).   If I can figure out this fur technique I'll be a happy camper.
Thanks for stopping by and hope you are having a great week.


  1. Hello, Nelvia! Grrreat challenge! Your tiger will be very demanding! But you're tough you do not surrender to the challenges! Layering in the technique you use is wonderful when I see videodemo ... but then I do not know much.
    Do I have to fight with layers of watercolor!
    Happy painting!

  2. Like your great grrrr comment - not currently growling but sure I will be soon. Hope all is well and loaf forward to checking your next painting and of course story

  3. Hello Nelvia:) As far as I can see the eyes are the same as on the ref.photo! They look stunning.
    I am so curious how you proceed. What a work is in this. But another challenge. I admire you for your courage. Like you never have done something else. I didn't understand quite what you meant with "a blender in addition to the pencils". Google didn't translated it either. Maybe you could briefly explain that?
    I also wish you lots of fun with this tiger and enjoy bringing him to life:) Love xx

    1. Hey my dear, l have decided to practice on the ear and then will expand out with my heart in my throat. The blender is a pencil that just has no color, is wax, and adds a layer so you can smear it around. But I think it puts too much wax down and filled in the tooth.


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