Well here is the culmination of this weekend's work on the tiger. It is pretty slow going here.  I think I have an idea of the coloration I want to use but am sure that mid week I will be guessing again, of course I noted the colors but didn't actually write them down or chart out my layer applications (guess I better learn how to develop that habit for future use) and do see a lot of different coloration on his coat where either orange or yellow is emphasized. 
Trying something new this time as well, besides a picture reference I have the cat enlarged on my computer and it really shows the colors quite well, so am hoping that will help.
Have a lot of colors in here, especially in the dark part of his back, not sure about it, but am going to continue and not worry about it.  You can see I have the side whiskers blocked in although there is still quite a bit of work to be done there, but it is much lighter coloration than the regular coat and looking at this I hope I have oranged it too much.
 Think I am getting a better handle on the layers and the Prismacolors and have learned that yes, it's ok to scratch off and start again.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great painting week.


  1. The tiger is out of your paper with great force! I will want to try to touch her ... I really admire this wonderful work in progress, Nelvia!!!

  2. Hi Nelvia:) You would not believe it, but I had the same as Rita! I had a tendency to pats over the back of the Tiger. That says enough I think.
    Again I had the Tiger very big on my screen and I still wonder about the eyes. So awful nice!
    You say yourself that you're slowly, but I think you're very quickly. I was surprised when I saw your painting. He is very nice. Perhaps one of your most beautiful. So sit by and let you by nobody or nothing distracted:) You are so right busy, unimaginable. What a patience you must have. I don't have it:)
    Take care and a big hug xx

  3. you really have a great way in painting and drawing an animals hair. i envy you. this is going to be again a big picture by you.


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