Girl With a Red Hat WIP after Vermeer

Well finally had a chance to try to work on this painting a bit today.  The last few days were spent in the garden and then I was spent - getting plenty of tomatoes though!!  Worked  a lot of time today going over the mouth,  nose, got the eye angles corrected, I think, and working on getting the skin lighter than the black I have all over the background.  Trying to work with finding the colors, one advantage of these exercises tends to become good color mixing challenges.    This time I am using dioxazine purple , chromium oxide green and ultra marine blue along with yellow ochre and cad red light for skin tones.

Going to try to get more of that light background in, not really sure what it is depicting, before I work more on the facial tones as that might change the value of the skin tones.   Right now anything I put on that black looks really, really light.

By the way, I don't know why in this shot the hat shows yellow edges as that is not the case but had to tilt the easel so the west sun didn't reflect off the iPad.  Just goes to show how off the camera colors can be - confirms why they always say work from life.

Think I got to start something else while working on this as it is going to take me a while, I am battling and seems like I undo what I have already done.  Oh well, the price you pay to learn I guess.

Thanks much for stopping by and hope you are having a super week.


  1. Not shy to tackle the hard stuff! Anxious to see it finished.

  2. The face is looking pretty good Nelvia. Thanks for sharing your skin tone choices - it makes one think!

  3. Amazing so far Nelvia!!! Love it! I look forward to seeing your next post! It looks like such a fun piece ....nothing better than copying the masters...and learning from them..


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