Christmas Angel II

                                      Christmas Angel II
Well some of this second attempt at using a grisaille as an underpainting was successful, but other parts of it wasn't.  I was attracted to this picture because I really liked the coloring.   It gave me an excellent opportunity to use lots of lavenders and fuchsias, the fuchsias rarely coming out of the box. The background is pan pastels.  This is on Art Spectrum sanded paper and as it has been a while since I worked on sanded papers I forgot how much less dust there is.
Anyway, the unsuccessful part of this I think is the likeness.  I aged her and I am not sure what I did other than maybe the face is too long in mine?  I am not real happy either with the chin areas - What do you think folks.  What should I have done differently?
I did find this was a difficult head position because with a child's face there aren't  lots of angles and definition without aging her.  So, may try this one again.  One good thing about the sanded papers and you can put an alcohol wash over it and start again.  Haven't tried that yet, been wanting to so here is the opportunity I think.
Appreciate your stopping by to take a look see.  Any constructive comments would be much appreciated re likeness.


  1. This one definitely didn't work as well as the last one although I like the eyes. I think if you decreased some of the lines in her face and made more of the sunlit part of her face across her cheeks that it might look better. Regarding the chin and neck, start the crease on the neck closer to the chin but have the whole area fade out with a mauve overlay. I agree Nelvia, a difficult subject but kudos for trying it.

  2. This was a tough one Nelvia! She needs to be softened by softening her lines and by fixing the tilt of the eyebrows. Instead of the line (by her chin) paint a shadow to the other's difficult to explain.... You did good....just needs tweaking that you would have figured out yourself by stepping back!....I hope to see this finished! Almost there!


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