Firery Schnauzer - dog pastel portrait

Well Colin had talked about his lesson doing a Schnauzer, that he has found some neat technique.  Since this is one breed I haven't drawn I originally set it up to do it straight and just a head shot.  But found a program suggesting different effect and a way to play with it a bit and blow off some steam.  I still didn't get as loose as I would like, since I am still in pastel it tends to be tighter, but am going to definitely try this again with a brush.  This definitely isn't my usual style, but I like the look of it.  Hoping that I can do a bit more of these and maybe some of it will rub off into my work.

I really love working on the Artagain black paper, it brings the pic together so much quicker, and of course really like that I don't have to get into an in-depth background.  Most of this piece was done with pastel pencils, so at least stayed kind of true to Colin with that.

What are your thoughts on this style?

Thanks for stopping by and hoping your week is starting off to a strong start.


  1. This is super, Nelvia! The looseness give a great sense of movement - or potential movement. I can imagine him taking off after what ever he is looking at. Not your usual style but definitely worth pursuing. Well done!

  2. Love the pose. Seems to give a glimpse of the personality. It is playful and... sort of regal at the same time. Makes me think of those imposing "Lord of the manor" paintings you see in castles. Loove how your strokes give a hint at the musculature but are also semi-abstract. Terrific!!

  3. I like the different strokes you used...not quite as detailed as the previous ones. I'd like to see you do a few more this way. He is a cutie!

  4. I love the short strokes you used on him....very nicely painted Nelvia!!!!


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